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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Socialism is a Euphemism for...

Lately, this blog has strayed from economics. The reason for the straying is difficult to explain because the reasoning behind it is uncommon knowledge. Economics is not simply about money, it is about people.

Economics is the study of free markets (or Marx's derogatory term "Capitalism"). Economics does not explain communism or socialism or centralized control because such would be the study of power hungry princes, in other words, politics. The study of free markets boils down to the description of rational behavior in free individuals.

Adam Smith, Moral Philosopher
Adam Smith, widely considered the father of economics, wrote two seminal works: The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) and An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776). You can read both from the links given.

Smith addresses virtue in The Theory of Moral Sentiments
When we consider the character of any individual, we naturally view it under two different aspects; first, as it may affect his own happiness; and secondly, as it may affect that of other people.
This seems reasonable to those with Judeo-Christian values. This section outlines the virtue of "do unto others..."

The cornerstone of Smith's work is individuality, a uniqueness which you might describe as "personality" or  "soul." His concern is with virtue and morality, as he was a moral philosopher at the University of Glasgow. Today, we consider Adam Smith a founding economist but he did not considered himself an "economist." His work defined the field.*

Smith explained why moral behavior is superior to immoral behavior. His frame of reference was Christianity. So, he explained as scientifically as he could, Judeo-Christian virtue. Smith described the "soul" in action through humanity.

Paraphrased, free markets are based upon the belief that individuals have a unique perspective in life and can use that to provide value to others. Your unique person-hood, your soul, is the basis of your value to yourself and to others.

Gross Domestic Product

Many human cultures do not believe in the concept of a unique soul. For humanity in general, gross domestic product is a function of population. The more people, the more a society can produce. Like an ant colony, more ants under the control of a single queen is superior to fewer ants.  This is the logical basis of human collectivism, detachment from individuality.

Faith, Virtue, Freedom: The golden triangle of freedom
Free societies value the individual. Production is a function of freedom. Freedom is sustained by virtue.
Virtue is acquired through faith and wisdom. Faith and wisdom require freedom. This is known as the golden triangle of freedom.

It is all very puritanical, but was revolutionary is the late 1700's. This explains why America's founding fathers embraced the concept.

Through the last three hundred years, production from the world's free people has far exceeded the production of the collectivists. Innovation is a product of freedom, the wisdom of virtues, and the faith to persevere. Without freedom, no amount of determination, ability or faith can be focused upon that which the individual is exactly suited to pursue.

Giza Pyramid - misallocated innovationIn a collectivist society the human being is guided by a collective will, of which no individual has complete perspective, knowledge, ability or accountability. The collective is critically detached from individual humanity. The focus of effort degenerates into what empowers those "in power" instead of what is productive.

For example, a state run health system might invent "pill based abortions" to protect politicians' sexual improprieties. Systems with all power collected by elites might allocate immense resources to building monumental ant hills to honor themselves.

Instances where innovation for the collective also benefits the whole of humanity exist. Such instances are rare. Innovation without individual freedom is slowed, distorted and misallocated.

A powerful colony of human "ants" may steal innovation and riches by conquest. Collectivist empires may spread stolen innovation through their kingdom, but they also destroy innovation which they do not value. It would be astonishing to find an aggregate human benefit from all the inventions by all the worlds' collectivist governments. Yet, a single free nation led humanity from horses and plows to landing upon the moon.

The collective misallocation of resources is a key reason that periods of human enlightenment coincide with flashes of increased freedom and then end when virtue fails. The struggle to maintain a free society is actually an interpersonal struggle within the members of the society. It is a struggle between the virtues of freedom and comfort of entitlement.

Today we see America, the most productive nation on earth, slip as Americans turn toward the security of the collective. Fellow SLOBs site The Liberator Today:
The new normal is revealed in two graphs.   The first graph is the employment ratio comparing number employed to the total population. 
Next is the labor force participation rate, the number of persons who are employed in some way or seeking employment.

Socialism, a How To

From a colder, more scientific point of view, one might argue that the struggle is between the cumulative knowledge and the collective memory of humanity. Fundamentally, knowledge inspires imagination and creation. Memory is suited to incremental improvement and can resent opposing points of view.

Both knowledge and memory are imperfect so individuals rely upon a balance. Collectivist leaders must be portrayed as perfect to maintain power. The surer path is the critical detachment of collected memory. Inspirational leadership is rare and valuable, but unpredictable.

The Triangle of TyrannyAll leaders are tempted by the easier, "more pragmatic" collectivist path. They are tempted by the proven path of tyranny over the individual.

Dividing individuals from freedom is simple. Use either force or deception.

Where free people are more powerful than the government, interrupt the golden triangle with wild promises and temptations.

Free health care, security, guaranteed food, shelter and income are proven temptations to humanity. Replace virtue with meaningless "feel-good" goals to misdirect productive efforts and then claim freedom has failed. Where virtue does not exist, free people ruin themselves, so emphasize the short-comings of those with faith. Discourage faith while diminishing the accomplishments of the risk-takers.

As more people ruin themselves, present yourself as a savior. Offer entitlement in place of self-reliance. Substitute freedom with dependence. Finally, teach fear and isolation with pseudo-wisdom like, "a man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it." Put the people in their place, below, ignorant of their own value.

A broken people is an unproductive people. So promise a reward for their allegiance. Faith promises a heaven for good works. So, promise a heaven on earth, utopia. Promise a reward in the end. Promise retirement.

You may be surprised to hear, there is no Hebrew word for retirement, at least not in the familiar sense. The closest biblical usage is re-vocationed.
Instead of doing the work in the Temple, they were to assist and provide their wisdom for the next generation of Levites.
Older, wiser people might impart virtues to young hearts yearning for freedom. Use the powerful promise of Utopian retirement. Sequester the retired away from the young. Promote division between young and old. Promote the ideal retirement as freedom from obligation. Finally, redistribute the collected wealth of the retired to further dependence upon the state.

Collectivism is simple. Entitlement requires the comfort of dependence.  Dependence requires ignorance of opportunity. Ignorance requires the security of entitlement. Collectivism is subjugation.

(An example of people control in America: )


Humanity's greatest attribute is adaptability  We thrive in tribal societies, agrarian societies, empires, dark ages, ice ages, and more. We adapt to the environment and society. This is our greatest strength, but also our greatest weakness.  

Slaves learn to survive enslaved. Masters learn to oppress. Free people must learn virtues and the faith to forge their own risky path.  These are conflicting human fates separated by courage.

Leaders require character and courage to resist the temptation of tyranny, "character matters."  Over time, our leaders have grown less courageous and less comfortable with citizens who are more wise and knowledgeable than the government. They have turned toward tyranny because they fear their rivals will exploit doubt in the minds of the people. 

A proven way to erase questioning and doubt is by promoting dependence, entitlement and ignorance.  Instead of building us up, they tear us down to enable their lust for power. This is the triangle of tyranny. This is the path of the socialist. This is why socialism is a euphemism for evil.

...and this is why economics is not about money.


* Due to input from avid readers on economics, we changed some of the wording of this section in respect for the great works of philosophers before and along side Adam Smith. Richard Cantillon's Essay on the Nature of Trade in General (1730?), predates Smith's work but was lost for hundreds of years.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spartacus - Andy Whitfield

Andy Whitfield played Starz's Spartacus in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. The series is full of gratuitous sex and violence, but is about love and freedom. Andy Whitfield died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma after making season one. He was 39 years old.  Before his unexpected and tragic loss, he left his mark on the struggle for human freedom. In his portrayal of Spartacus, the gladiator who escaped slavery to die free, Andy left us with this speech.

In this clip, Spartacus has just slayed the evil slave master. Spartacus is now free and accompanied by a cohort of gladiators and former slaves. Freedom, which we take for granted in America, is hard won. The free men are now left to face the might of Rome:

I have done this thing because it is just. Blood demands blood.
We have lived and lost at the whims of our masters for too long. I would not have it so. I would not see the passing of a brother for the purpose of sport. I would not see another heart ripped from chest or breath forfeit for no cause. I know not all of you wish this, yet it is done. It is done. 
Your lives are your own, forge your own path or join with us and together we shall see Rome tremble!
We should not forget that liberty has always been won with the blood of patriots. Every person must stand up to the world and declare themselves free.

Americans are beset by unions, government, elitists, political indoctrination and the lie of sacrifice for the "common good." We were taught that the Ten Commandments include "thou shalt not kill." It is a lie. The commandment is "thou shalt not MURDER."  There is no just God or moral code that ties you to spend your life in servitude to others, no matter the cost.

You have been created for a purpose. A purpose that you must find on your own. It is a purpose that no other person can know or direct you toward. When another sets you to purpose, it can only be for their interests at sacrifice of your own life's purpose. This is true no matter their intentions.

This is why the wisdom of America's founders is so profound. We are supposed to be a society where people on their unique paths are free to join or separate in the pursuit of happiness. Even if you must work a dead end job, you have the opportunity to become your own boss through individual effort. Tyrants should not control the your fate, your property or your hopes and dreams.

We are here for a fleeting moment in time. Forge your own path or join with us who wish to ensure future liberty. Whatever you decide, do not give up, do not surrender, and do not lose your dreams. Andy Whitfield pursued his happiness and contributed to freedom, so can you.


The series third season, War of the Damned, is coming to a finale, and it holds the same message of freedom.

Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Promote Freedom on

The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers are San Diego's Finest Tea Party Bloggers. We developed a website ( to help the public quickly gather and share original ideas, news and commentary through social networking. This blog, Doo Doo Economics, is a member blog and uses website to share news and commentary from this website and a diverse collection of Tea Party inspired freedom lovers.
Figure 1: Article ShareThis interaction

Often the associated bloggers work on the same story from different points of view. It is common for a Randian Objectivist, a fiscally conservative Democrat, an Independent and a Republican to write about the same topic. The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers is an excellent source for news reporters and commentators to find interesting topics and perspectives.
Figure 2: Facebook Article Sharer website is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. It automatically Tweets new articles from the Doo Doo Economics twitter account. is the location of the automatically updated Facebook page. An Android mobile application is also available.
The automatic publishing features are useful, but user social interaction is the strength of the site. Each individual article features a shareThis link to provide access to a wide range of social networking websites. Each member blog and the most recent associated articles links to a special page with additional social interaction options.

Figure 3: Share to Facebook Groups
The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers website has its own social interaction control area on the far right side.  Controls include RSS Feed, ATOM Feed, Facebook 'likes', Google+, Stumble Upon, Twitter, and a link to the Android mobile app.

How To Share Information from

The majority of users today are on Facebook, so that is our starting point. My recommendation is to join "facebook groups" aligned with your interests. You may then share articles to those groups.  Sharing posts from theSLOBs to Facebook groups is just a click away.

Click the ShareThis link as shown in Figure 1. (You may click figure images to enlarge.) Figure 2 displays the Facebook sharer pop up window. You may need to fill in your user name and password here, but this is a webpage.  Change the "Share:" location to "In a group." Fill in the "Type a group name" box, per Figure 3, and hit the "Share Link" button.

Figure 4: "like" confirmation
 Alternatively, you can access social interactions by clicking the article or blog name. This is a framed page. You can leave the frame at anytime by clicking "Remove Frame" at the top. This page is useful for measuring how much social interaction your favorite articles have accumulated. Due to the nature of theSLOBs website, the articles are hot-off-the-press and you are likely to be the first of your friends to find interesting topics.
Figure 5: Tweet from Framed view page.

Here you can "like" (Figure 4) or Google+ the article or blog and it will show up on your "Wall." You may also Tweet about the article. Figure 5 shows a typical tweet of an post by Liberator Today. Notice the importance of hash tags (#) and @ symbols in reaching a large audience. Hash tags are automatically entered from the article's content, but you can edit the tweet to your heart's content.

Figure 6: Link to San Diego Local Order of Bloggers Facebook page
Finally, The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers website is always improving. Some recent improvements include linking to additional blogging lists, improved advertisement placement and a Facebook page link as seen in Figure 6. The goal of the website is to promote freedom and the men and women who work to preserve it. We all want to know "what can I do" to contribute in the effort to save America. Hopefully this tool will help you contribute by spreading the call for freedom. 

We Tea Party bloggers are not paid.  We work to protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution and our values. We are tireless out of duty, honor, pursuit of truth and justice, and love of our friends and families. All of us are driven by our belief in you.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dante on Demons, Masters and Leaders.

"Earth is another form of Hell, and men are it's demons," Lucifer from Dante's Inferno.

Within this context, imagine a land that stands apart, where men do not rule but are ruled by a restraining constitution. Imagine a place where freedom reigns, and the individual is free to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This land where all men are created equal and free from the fiendish satisfactions of other men could not exist upon this Earth according to Dante in the 14th century.

It has not existed upon Earth but for a brief 234 years, most of which were formative and incomplete. Now, with prosperity and security achieved, freedom may have reached its peak and begun its slide into oblivion.

This is what is at stake, a world in which every hope must be abandoned. A world where the long arm of the law is replaced by the deep sting of the whip. In this approaching world, we may pay to avoid the whip, but our master's satisfaction is demanded at the expense of our pain and efforts regardless.

It is time to clearly define the difference between Demons, Masters and Leaders.

Demons whip and bleed men for their own fiendish satisfaction.

Masters whip and bleed men for their own satisfaction.

Leaders keep the whips from our backs.

We must not be satisfied by representatives who want us to believe in them. We must look for people who believe in us. We must restore the Constitution as absolute law to restrain our would-be masters.

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