Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recognizing Evil

Last night Media and I watched a movie about an Iranian girl that pointed out the complacency in the minds of people who are ruled by oppression. There is very little difference between tyrants of the various political persuasions. Oppression comes from a threat; a threat of physical force, a threat of being dishonored, a threat of social exile, a threat of fines, a threat of imprisonment, a threat to your livelihood.

This is what ACORN and the progressives do; they have done it in several Central American countries in the previous couple decades. It is a formula of political insurgency designed to demoralize and confuse a people into accepting the chains of oppression. We call it political correctness.

If you have any doubt that these are the tactics being used, here is Glenn Beck's latest report on how the Health Care debate was designed as a dishonest debate in 2006 by a felon while in prison for bank fraud.

The ends justify the means to these people. Does it really matter if it is a God that they feel is on their side, or some other ideology? If a person is not striving to be on the side of what is right (or God), and is justified in all action to accomplish an end... that is called evil.


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