Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why ObamaCare is Immoral and every American should oppose it.

It is not my place to judge ObamaCare supporters. Like most Americans, they have not taken the time to learn the ramifications; however, the people who designed it are deserving of judgement.

There is a simple idea called Justice. It has two parts.

Perfect Justice comes into play when a specific person is assigned responsibility to a duty. Upon failure to perform this duty, the person is considered negligent.

Imperfect justice is when a group has a duty, possibly implied, to perform. For instance, if a crime is committed and I as a citizen could stop the crime it may be my general duty, but it is not my specific responsibility. If I do not stop the crime, I may be a coward but I am not negligent.

Free market health care has an imperfect responsibility to provide the best possible care to all members of society. If someone becomes sick, it is not someone else that bares responsibility to treat that sickness. The person who becomes sick has a number of options if they feel that appropriate care is unavailable. They can try to get a job with benefits, apply for aid, get a different insurance company, appeal for help to family and friends, etc...

If for some reason they cannot avail themselves of proper care and die, it may be the free market that is at fault, but only imperfectly because responsibility is shared within the limits of human society.

ObamaCare drags us all into a perfect responsibility to provide care. The designers of the system, whether through ignorance or immorality, bare complete responsibility for everyone who does not receive adequate care. Government is known to be less efficient than the free market, which translates to the fact that more people will not receive adequate care. This is criminal negligence. Worse yet, they intend to force tax payers to be complicit in this negligence and immorality.

The economics of ObamaCare are simple. Destroy the free market to "redistribute wealth." This is undeniable, and was reported in the New York Times on March 26, 2010 under the disguise of "income inequality" which is a politically correct, fictitious notion based upon statistical groups that does not correlate to individuals.

What is also undeniable is that the system designed by ObamaCare will be accused of murder the first time someone sues the government due to inadequate care. As citizens and tax payers, our money will be used to defend this system against our fellow citizens.  Passing such a bill against the will of Americans is immoral.

I am not portraying the average American that supports the bill as evil, but the supposedly "elite leaders" who created and lied to promote this bill to gain political power over the American people surely understood the implications. If they did not, they were criminally negligent, negligent in their oath of office, and blinded by greed of power.

Americans are moral people and have no duty to God or country to be complicit in this immoral law. That is why the bi-partisan opposition must be labeled racist or extremists by the radicals who intend to impose their malicious will upon the world. The administration will continue to poke, attack, and abuse the public in the hopes that the public will react back. They must continue to blind their supporters to the truth, because that is the fundamental tenet of Machiavellian power...deception.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dante on Demons, Masters and Leaders.

"Earth is another form of Hell, and men are it's demons," Lucifer from Dante's Inferno.

Within this context, imagine a land that stands apart, where men do not rule but are ruled by a restraining constitution. Imagine a place where freedom reigns, and the individual is free to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This land where all men are created equal and free from the fiendish satisfactions of other men could not exist upon this Earth according to Dante in the 14th century.

It has not existed upon Earth but for a brief 234 years, most of which were formative and incomplete. Now, with prosperity and security achieved, freedom may have reached its peak and begun its slide into oblivion.

This is what is at stake, a world in which every hope must be abandoned. A world where the long arm of the law is replaced by the deep sting of the whip. In this approaching world, we may pay to avoid the whip, but our master's satisfaction is demanded at the expense of our pain and efforts regardless.

It is time to clearly define the difference between Demons, Masters and Leaders.

Demons whip and bleed men for their own fiendish satisfaction.

Masters whip and bleed men for their own satisfaction.

Leaders keep the whips from our backs.

We must not be satisfied by representatives who want us to believe in them. We must look for people who believe in us. We must restore the Constitution as absolute law to restrain our would-be masters.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

People with Progressivism - Awareness Campaign

I blame Glenn Beck. He is very insensitive to the plight of people with progressivism, and continues to use the derogatory term "progressive." Watching his show, I have to cringe at the insensitivity.  In organizations across America political correctness has advanced "People-First Language" and it is time for us to embrace this agenda.

Progressivism is a disease characterized by a complete loss of belief in Americans, democracy, and freedom. Due to the lack of this belief, people with progressivism often latch onto false hope provided by charlatans, frauds and con-men. It is a tragic disease, sometimes referred to as "Liberalism," and is often called a mental disorder brought about by continuous exposure to others with the debilitating illness.

People at high risk include professors, high school social studies teachers, and people who have been completely separated from marketplace reality. Drugs use is also often associated due to antecdotal evidence, but causality has not been proven.

We need to be sensitive to people with progressivism. They do not understand language involving capitalism, democracy or grassroots movements. Some say they develop deafness to the truth and if spoken, they may disengage from conversations or run away screaming "racist," "homophobe" and/or "sexist!"

Cats are possible carriers of Progressivism. This link has not been proven. Hein Tran, lead scientist for CARB believes that his progressivism was calmed by the sound of "MAO-wing" from the cats that lived in his dorm inside the UPS box.

People with progressivism often seek power. They may gather at condo association board meetings, community organizations, school boards and often in federal governmental positions. Telling others what to do and how to live while claiming "open-mindedness" and "transparency" is a major symptom.  The false sense that they are being compassionate to "the little people" is also a red flag.

Some studies consider progressivism an addiction, possibly the addiction to power over others or environmental superiority. Prolonged exposure to "people far infererior to yourself" or people from "fly-over country" may invoke a voilent, single-minded withdrawal reaction. Anger, frustration, and accusations against others are common to this reaction. People with progressivism often self medicate or comfort themselves in the belief that "others are just too stupid to understand me."

What can you do?

Donate time to a charity organization, and teach your loved ones the signs of Progressivism. It is a growing disease in America, but many Americans have natural immunity. Join the People with Progressivism Awareness Campaign or by buying a t-shirt at or download a logo on your website/blog/facebook.

The fight against progressivism saves lives.




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