Friday, March 5, 2010

Dante on Demons, Masters and Leaders.

"Earth is another form of Hell, and men are it's demons," Lucifer from Dante's Inferno.

Within this context, imagine a land that stands apart, where men do not rule but are ruled by a restraining constitution. Imagine a place where freedom reigns, and the individual is free to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This land where all men are created equal and free from the fiendish satisfactions of other men could not exist upon this Earth according to Dante in the 14th century.

It has not existed upon Earth but for a brief 234 years, most of which were formative and incomplete. Now, with prosperity and security achieved, freedom may have reached its peak and begun its slide into oblivion.

This is what is at stake, a world in which every hope must be abandoned. A world where the long arm of the law is replaced by the deep sting of the whip. In this approaching world, we may pay to avoid the whip, but our master's satisfaction is demanded at the expense of our pain and efforts regardless.

It is time to clearly define the difference between Demons, Masters and Leaders.

Demons whip and bleed men for their own fiendish satisfaction.

Masters whip and bleed men for their own satisfaction.

Leaders keep the whips from our backs.

We must not be satisfied by representatives who want us to believe in them. We must look for people who believe in us. We must restore the Constitution as absolute law to restrain our would-be masters.

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