Monday, March 1, 2010

People with Progressivism - Awareness Campaign

I blame Glenn Beck. He is very insensitive to the plight of people with progressivism, and continues to use the derogatory term "progressive." Watching his show, I have to cringe at the insensitivity.  In organizations across America political correctness has advanced "People-First Language" and it is time for us to embrace this agenda.

Progressivism is a disease characterized by a complete loss of belief in Americans, democracy, and freedom. Due to the lack of this belief, people with progressivism often latch onto false hope provided by charlatans, frauds and con-men. It is a tragic disease, sometimes referred to as "Liberalism," and is often called a mental disorder brought about by continuous exposure to others with the debilitating illness.

People at high risk include professors, high school social studies teachers, and people who have been completely separated from marketplace reality. Drugs use is also often associated due to antecdotal evidence, but causality has not been proven.

We need to be sensitive to people with progressivism. They do not understand language involving capitalism, democracy or grassroots movements. Some say they develop deafness to the truth and if spoken, they may disengage from conversations or run away screaming "racist," "homophobe" and/or "sexist!"

Cats are possible carriers of Progressivism. This link has not been proven. Hein Tran, lead scientist for CARB believes that his progressivism was calmed by the sound of "MAO-wing" from the cats that lived in his dorm inside the UPS box.

People with progressivism often seek power. They may gather at condo association board meetings, community organizations, school boards and often in federal governmental positions. Telling others what to do and how to live while claiming "open-mindedness" and "transparency" is a major symptom.  The false sense that they are being compassionate to "the little people" is also a red flag.

Some studies consider progressivism an addiction, possibly the addiction to power over others or environmental superiority. Prolonged exposure to "people far infererior to yourself" or people from "fly-over country" may invoke a voilent, single-minded withdrawal reaction. Anger, frustration, and accusations against others are common to this reaction. People with progressivism often self medicate or comfort themselves in the belief that "others are just too stupid to understand me."

What can you do?

Donate time to a charity organization, and teach your loved ones the signs of Progressivism. It is a growing disease in America, but many Americans have natural immunity. Join the People with Progressivism Awareness Campaign or by buying a t-shirt at or download a logo on your website/blog/facebook.

The fight against progressivism saves lives.

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