Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Classical Liberal Revolution

Political victory is a laudable goal, but our battle is more simple and straight-forward.

We will reverse the economic, political and propaganda attacks that paralyze the driving forces of a free society. We will ensure that social experimentation can not lead us into the failed ideology of the early and middle 20th century as seen in Italy, Russia, Germany and Japan.

This is a simple task, as Laura put it... "set brush fires of freedom in the minds of men (and women)" We need to insist that any modification in society by government should pass certain tests before we commit our liberty to the task.

Why is this so simple? Classical Liberals promote individual freedom and oppose central planning. Simply begin referring to our ideology as Classical Liberal. It frees us from the necessary, but redefined element of "conservativism" in its paternalistic, traditionalistic and power adoring "neo-conservative" labeling from the left.

In a strategic error that will go down in history, the left stole the label "liberal" which completely confused the public from truth. They then abandoned "liberal" for the ill-fated term "progressive" which has no actual implication toward liberty. As proponents of freedom as bestowed by our creator we can reclaim the title of liberty and uterly expose the liberty-destroying agenda of the left. We can strip them of followers, members and eventually even the ego-maniacal, would-be masters of free-men will be marginalized into nothingness.

Further, "conservatives" will instinctively join the movement as they hear the term "Classical Liberal" explained as those who wish to promote individual liberty and oppose the tyranny, misallocation, unresponsiveness, and inherent coersion of Total Government aka Socialism.

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