Sunday, July 25, 2010

Truth is Venom to Tyrants

I am very concerned that the Sherrod Charade was just the first in a salvo of stories designed to discredit the new media. Even if true, the power of old media and the White House can distort any slight mistake made by bloggers. Currently, there is a story that may be in media-blackout about Mexican drug cartels invading ranches and taking hostages in Laredo Texas.(

It is still unclear what is true, but major media outlets have not jumped onto the story. This could be due to fear of an upcoming media takeover by government, the Sherrod Charade may have been a ploy to intimidate leftist opponents, or the story may be false.

It is enough to say that the Tea Party Movement has been correct about the Administration and the socialist tactics of big government. The leftists need to have something to hold up to discredit new media, even if it is out of context or completely false.

This is not about truth or right and wrong, it is about power, hate, control and freedom. Remember DONT TREAD ON ME. We do not need to strike first, because truth is venom to tyrants.  We can rattle before we strike. Be selfless, do not try to make a name for yourself, rush to judgment or take credit for a story because there are no Pulitzers in new media.

To a larger point, remember that one honest, self-made, trustworthy person is an example to the entire world. For tyrants to oppress humanity, no one must be allowed to rise up into a position of honor and self-reliance.  This oppression is an impossible task. We are imperfect, but the only weapon tyrants (Alinsky) have is to focus on imperfections. We can focus on truth, so lets do our research and be distinct about opinion and fact.

Do not obey their rules.

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