Monday, December 13, 2010

Italian Tea Party Event cancelled due to threats and intimidation.

Below is an email describing the recent events from an Italian Tea Party organizer.  I have removed names in the interest of safety, but this is a sad day for Italy.  It goes to the heart of the left and how lucky we are to live in America where our rights (to speech and self defense) hinder the brutal tactics of the progressive movement.  This is not a partisan statement. The history of the progressive movement has been brutal and violent. The current union threats state," if we can't open their minds, we will open their heads" and "we will use the power of persuasion, and if that does not work we will use the persuasion of power."  These people are a threat to human freedom. The left is not kind, it uses peace-based slogans to gain followers and then corrupts them into an evil "ends justify the means" ideology.

"hope that this mail finds both you and your family well, ready for the holiday season.
I write to inform you of a serious event happened a few hours ago in Messina, a city in Sicily where a local group had organized a Tea Party event. They have received credible and serious threats to themselves and their families. Advised also by the police, they have decided to cancel the event, in order to avoid physical confrontation.
I also include the press release in English. If you could spread the news on the Temple of Mut it would be really helpful. We have to let everybody know that what happens here will also happen in the US. Here they are more practical: they have skipped the taunting, the lies and think to solve everything threatening us with physical violence. Beware, friends, sooner or later it'll happen also in the US.
Thank you for any help you could give us. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas.


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