Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Call for Civility Arrives

Civility, that is the clarion call from President Obama and I agree.  Civility means a discussion based on issues and alternatives. It means an end to the name calling and focus upon ideas. It is exactly what the Tea Party has been asking for since 2009. 

Yes, all the people with signs, blogs, TV spots, radio call-ins, rally cries, t-shirts and bumper stickers have been asking to be heard. They have been asking for a dialog and so far they have been answered with rhetoric, slander, and told to "get in the back of the bus."  The ten or twenty people orchestrating the left's responses have made the calculation that smearing the other side was the most effective way to pursue their political agenda and divide America.  This "progressive" rhetoric and their calls to violent revolution has led to several recent violent attacks and their transparent, childish response has been to point fingers at conservatives. 

As a supporter of a conservative agenda based upon the inspirational founding ideas of America, I precisely agree with the call for civility. Conservatives should strongly agree, and bring up our examples of peaceful assembly and civil disagreement.  As far as I know, there have been no examples of Tea Party violence except as victims when Tea Party participants are attacked, bitten, or beaten by the left.

So let us take heart and realize that November was a victory, but the call for civility by President Obama is abdication to our primary request.  We now should work toward delivering our civil arguments to the ears of all who listen.  Our arguments that:
  • The American Idea is the pinnacle of political philosophy.
  • That each person has unalienable rights that our government derives it's power from. 
  • These rights should not be violated unless the life of the Republic is at stake, and then only temporarily and as a last resort. 
  • Freedom is a struggle but the only path to justice of any kind.
  • Free people shall overcome all obstacles.
  • The alternative to The American Idea is injustice and servitude.

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