Monday, February 21, 2011

Small Victory on KPBS

This morning, one of my work clients had an internet outage.  I slid down the bat-pole and began the 20 minute drive. Of course, I turned on the radio and as I moved to the typical talk radio stations, the dial fell upon KPBS in San Diego. Here two Man-Made Global Warming advocates were dishing out the typical alarmism cloaked in pseudo-science.  My understanding is that their careers are as speakers for this cause.

Immediately, my phone dialed in. It has a mind of its own on these matters. As many of you know, I once dressed up as Global Warming Man for Halloween as satire on the matter.  Surprisingly, the phone was answered by a congenial young man who was quite taken by my simple question.

"My question is a basic science question," I started. "In science, Falsifiability
is key to any theory. So, is Climate Change Falsifiable?"  The young man asked for more detail to be sure that I was not just reading some script. "For example, if I had a theory that all cars are green and then observed a red car it would prove my theory false."  The call screener proclaimed his approval of the question and I shortly layed the question out to the two global warming advocates.

Chaos ensued as the first speaker began to comment that "All hypotheses are proven through the fact that they cannot be disproved."  This is not precisely incorrect, but evades my question entirely. It was an adept misdirection. Subsequently the question was evaded with additional blather until the host had to step in and rephrase the question. This rephrasing surprised and impressed me!  The host added, "I believe the caller was getting at what would disprove man-made climate change."

An entire segment then erupted as the squirming continued. Finally, one speaker admitted that Falsifiability had not been in his scientific vocabulary when he stumbled into the "positive feedback of water vapor" issue and proclaimed that if that feedback were disproved it would be a Nobel prize moment.  I am unsure if he finally started looking at the issue from a scientific perspective or was prompted with an "answer."  In my eyes, it was a small victory.

Science is just a belief system without Falsifiability. There is plenty of evidence in front of our eyes that God exists, but how would you disprove the existence of God. The advocates of global warming are pushing this on America's children because, as one KPBS guest said, "Children are not as skeptical." If other belief systems are not allowed in public school...why global warming?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For Indiana Senator Dick Lugar: How to fix America, Tea Party Specifics

For Indiana Senator Dick Lugar: How to fix America, Tea Party Specifics

Recently, U.S. Senator Dick Lugar told the Tea Party to "Get real" and accused Americans of lacking specific recommendations.  As a born and raised Hoosier fighting radical anti-American politics in southern California, I have many, many recommendations. If Senator Lugar is out of ideas, I would be happy to provide a roadmap to the hearts of not only the Tea Party members, but to the vast majority of Americans.

War and Terrorism: 
The CIA should be expanded and used as a primary force against terrorists. Special Forces need to be used as force multipliers. This will give the United States the ability to reduce military exposure and concentrate our military might toward other political aims. I believe this will net hundreds of billions in cost savings and reduced debt.  The key to this strategy is transparent disclosure of anti-terror operational results.  There is no need to hide results related to terrorist groups.

Energy Independence: 
American oil should be unleashed upon the world in a measured amount. America has more carbon based resources than the rest of the world combined.  It is time to make this public, and use it as leverage against our enemies.  The Tea Party does not advocate Global Warming based regulations. Most Americans and scientists agree that "Global Warming" (in Al Gore terms) and "Climate Change" (in United Nations, International Panel on Climate Change terms) are part of an international agenda to cripple the United States. 
Some history:

Some hard science:

Federal Budget Deficit:
Freeze COLAs, cut the length of unemployment insurance, make public employee unions illegal, build more of the border fence to reduce unemployment, propose a test to allow specific illegal immigrants access to citizenship based upon their skills and a pro-American outlook, and tie the corporate tax rate to the average of the G20 countries. These changes, when coupled with the recommendations for "War and Terrorism" above will give the country the confidence to begin a discussion about changing social security and balancing the budget.

Other Economic Stimulus:
The largest and most shocking consideration I will deliver is about the United Nations.  It is time to realize that it is a corrupt organization with goals that are counter to individual freedom.  Corrupt officials, communists, faked science pushed by political "inter-governmental" panels, and the veto powers held by our enemies are just a few of the reasons that membership in this organization needs to be reconsidered.  America "owes" the U.N. billions and pays billions of dollars every year. This is a complete waste of money, time, and effort.  The United Nations cannot be reformed.

Refund remaining TARP money.  Sell the TARP warrants to third party investors as soon as feasible. This entire program is counter to a capitalist system. It is artificially elevating stock prices which will result in a bubble crash or worse; government and political greed will be used as a tool to convert our government into a mercantilist elitist nightmare! In the current environment of inflationary pressures, these assets are venom to the capitalist American dream of individual freedom. There can not be equal justice when the government is financially tied to elitist, too big to fail, companies.

These are all tough actions that require a popular and charismatic leader.  Currently, there are no leaders capable of executing these actions outright. So, it is obvious why people like Senator Lugar attack the Tea Party. There has been a concerted effort by the enemies of freedom to divide and conquer America for decades. It is time to realize that most Americans are either Tea Party members or agree with the Tea Party. Divisive rhetoric used to weaken this country is so misguided that it leads me to consider the source as corrupt.

The Tea Party can join conservatives, moderates and freedom loving liberals into a movement that will create a leader who will restore America. This is not about politics, it is about Americanism. Americans believe that each person has a soul and that soul has value. People are not numbers to us and we are uniting people in many countries to our cause.  For each moment, a leader appears.

How will we know who the correct leader is?
  • Reminds us that American exceptionalism is based on American individual creativity.
  • Embraces the American mission of individual freedom and equality of opportunity.
  • Clearly defines success, and empowers and trusts Americans to figure out the best way to achieve it.
  • Admits vulnerabilities alongside strengths, and has humble confidence, not elitist bravado.
How will this help implement a resurgence of American exceptionalism?

A leader can persuade others to join a united and broad based cause with clear and honest values. Growing consensus creates a better chance to persuade political representatives to support our cause regardless of political bias.  Through consensus, legislative initiatives can succeed, but only initiatives that have gained broad support should be proposed.  A short term strategy will not work and is counter to the values of the American people.  The method to gain momentum in the movement is a Federalist/Constitutional American renaissance. Every effort to teach Americans Constitutional individualist equality of opportunity and to oppose collectivist equality of outcome must be taken.




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