Thursday, March 17, 2011

EL SENUSSI: The Libyan Tea Party and Obama the Destroyer of Hope

I am attempting to post, with permission, an article from the Washington Times. It likely will not work, but the link is at the bottom.

The article describes an American style free and democratic government for Libya with an independent judiciary and elected executive and legislative branches.

This is why Obama does not act in Libya. He does not believe in individual freedom, only collective salvation. You can call it socialism, Marxism or communism. Whatever you like to name it, it is un-american and counter to our values and constitution. 

Obama lied about helping free the Lockerbie bomber and then stated on television that he had opposed the release and blamed it on other countries. ( ) This was a calculated attempt to subvert our European allies, and in the case of Libya he is subverting our allies in the middle east. 

Obama's opposition to the Tea Party is more than a political opposition. The support of anti-western groups around the world coupled with disdain for everyone who loves freedom is telling. His opposition is characteristic of a leftist radical with a thirst to oppress and a drive to destroy everything this country has been built upon.  I believe his goal is to dismantle the shinning city on the hill and remove hope from all who yearn to breath free. Obama is the destroyer of hope.

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