Monday, March 21, 2011

I need your TEA Party inspired suggestions...

To my TEA Party friends, I have not had much time to work on issues of late, and the time crunch is going to continue.  I do have one small idea that I would like to convey and maybe you can speed up the process with a suggestion....

It is my contention, and that of people all over the world, that the only hope for America and the free world is the Tea Party.  America has the original and strongest Tea Party movement but, as has been reported, the Libyan Revolution also considers itself an American inspired Tea Party and austerity throughout Europe is often attached to Tea Party sentiments.  However, America has a huge advantage over other countries' Tea Party groups in that we support our current laws via the Constitution. Whether the media likes it or not, we are the center or center-right of a center-right country. We are the center of America.

When people discuss American politics, those that know little or nothing will always convey an idea that there is no center focused American political party. Further, the far-left media sees us as far-right due to their perspective.  We need to pursue a campaign distinguishing the truth; that we are the center, the majority and the hope for the future. 

So my idea is to create a TEA Party logo that embodies this idea.
Something along the lines of
  • Traditional Educated American
  • The cEnter of America
  • The Every American Party
I would like to stay away from politically loaded terms like REAL and TAKE BACK in an appeal to the general, non-political groups in our country. While I may be very conservative, the goal of this initiative is not to defeat the left, it is to build mainstream allies upon a common ground. It is incidental that the left has very little common ground with Americans.

So do you have suggestions?

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