Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Defeat Comes from Within

An old Samurai once said "Those afraid to die, die like dogs." This fact remains today. Americans are brave in battle, indestructible in war, and cowards in peace.

Our lives, families, and future plans are precious. Americans are determined to protect those around us. We devote our lives to the bright future, and we are afraid to fail in these things.

We can eliminate our enemies in the world with the push of a button. We can out-think, out-create, and out-produce nations and groups that oppose us. We CANNOT root out the enemy within, and we are afraid of coming to terms with the fact that our domestic enemies hate us. We want to be loved because we love, and we are afraid to accept that THEY HATE US.

Our enemies, the enemies of human freedom, the would-be-masters, know our weakness. They know our fear. They know that we are vulnerable in only one place, HOME. A whole litany of hate groups have learned to infiltrate America and recruit our children because we fear the politically correct labels used to control our behavior.

Since Soviets declared that our children will be communists in the cold war, since terrorists, leftists and home-grown anti-Americans began their assault on our lives, we have been paralyzed with fear. Evil knows our fear of failure at home and has used it in the forms of political correctness, nudges, regulations, and social intimidation. Rulers know how to use this fear because they fear exposure as frauds and seek the convenience of rule and elitism as buffers against this fear and inadequacy.

We have not stood up and faced socialism, taxation, Christophobia, anti-Semitism, environmentalism or the indoctrination of our children. Our lack of courage has cost us our privacy, values, rights, freedoms, savings and now threatens the entire American dream. There is much talk of Restoring Honor, Charity, Courage, and taking our country back. These things sound great but they are not possible without one key. The key is a home front ON the home front.

We need a plan, an agreement, or an understanding that when one of us is destroyed by the forces of evil, others will step up for our loved ones. We need a connection between brave patriots that will comfort and take care of those left behind. We need a way to take care of our wounded. We need a 'Green Zone' in the political battle against the enemies of America who have infiltrated us.  We can restore the land of the brave, and win back the home of the free.  No longer can we obey when told to "stay", "lay down" or "sit."  We must reach out, unify and stand up!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Green" movement to outlaw jogging?

Is the "Green" movement laying ground work to make jogging illegal?

Alberto E. Minetti, professor of physiology at the University of Milan, along with his master's student Gaspare Pavei, compared respiratory emissions of CO2 from four men walking, running and biking with those of a hybrid vehicle carrying the same weight. Can you guess which activity is the most unfriendly to the Earth?  You guessed it, Jogging!

The evil CO2 monster called men could be next on the hit list of "Green" obsolescence like the incandescent light bulb, aerosol spray cans, plastic bags, American drilling rights and air conditioning (CFC)!  My hat is off to May 2011 Scientific American's Transportation writer Anna Kuchment for breaking this fact.  Now we can stop those CO2 expelling joggers!

I should add that women are immune to this finding. Due to lower body mass they expel less of the menacing molecules. Obsolete men cannot use this news to stop women joggers in the name of saving the planet. Cass Sunstein's Homer Simpson might say, "D'OH!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How many experts does it take to screw light bulbs? CFLs Cause "Green Cancer"

The London Telegraph is reporting that a German study links compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)  light bulbs to carcinogenic chemicals.
Peter Braun, who carried out the tests at the Berlin's Alab Laboratory, said: “For such carcinogenic substances it is important they are kept as far away as possible from the human environment.”
The "Electrical smog" contains phenol, naphthalene and styrene. Proving once again that big government solutions pale in comparison to free market solutions. A few "experts" do not seem able to look at problems from all relevant points of view and establish the best solution.  It takes too much expertise to truly understand complex issues.  So, how many "experts" does it take to screw light bulbs?

In America, jobs were lost and subsidies were required in the effort to "green" our light bulbs. This followed on the heels of our wonderful "battery fire" prone, coal powered, electric vehicles, and the CFC "ozone hole" being proven false, IPCC Global Warming hysteria fell on its face, "green jobs" are costing jobs at a 2 to 1 pace, and "bio fuel" is burning our food supply. 
The article concludes:
The latest report follows claims by Abraham Haim, a professor of biology at Haifa University in Israel, that the bulbs could result in higher breast cancer rates if used late at night.
I am coining a term: "GREEN CANCER" for this new revelation.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Progressives Keep On Losing and the Right Keeps On Winning

The following is in response to an article on Huffington Post:

Tax increases, really. Do you think that increased govt control is a vision? Since the 1770's enlightened­ humanity has moved away from state control. That is the point of knowledge and self-relia­nce. Humanity needed Kings an dictators when the masses were ignorant, but no more!

Depending upon the government to care for people is like swimming with a shark. At some point your "progressi­ve shark" will eat you. Humans are corruptible­e and politician­s are worse than most, thus the constitutional design of separation of powers.

Consider for one moment the people who ally Islam and "progressi­vism." Surface goals may seem in tune, but down deep Islam is waiting to force you into submission­. I remind you that Republican­s are the abolitioni­st party,  they have pushed civil rights since 1957,  include MLK, and created the EPA as a conservationist endeavor. If you join with Islam over Republican­s (who simply want individual­s empowered) then you are doomed. The Tea Party can accept your point of view and Islam cannot. Get out of the shark infested water!

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Honor of Conservatives.

No one is surprised by the fact that America's left is deceitful and destructive.  It plays out a thousand times a day. We cannot prove it beyond the simple truth that it is. Everyone who will listen, has. There are no reasonable people to convince. The proof is all around us in music, news, politics, education and entertainment.

Not long ago, popular music occasionally taught or explained the human condition. These songs are now replaced with platitudes, political correctness or worse. Many Americans now get their news from comedy television or 140 word posts.  Witness how self-deluded JoAnne Kloppenburg appears when asked about how she finished slightly ahead in the Wisconsin vote count.  Kloppenburg even goes so far as to throw off a question about her loyalty to the unions in judicial matters.

The left has been taught to be unthinking.  Some leftists are intelligent, but that intelligence has been filled with falseness.  Nothing is as tragic as an intelligent person who has learned untruth.  These unthinking adults are teaching children to be unthinking for the benefit of adults. Children who will be left with mistrust, baseless confidence, fear, anger and hate.  The end result is unthinkable, unbelievable and unmistakable.

We have been called to be the peacemakers, and asked to be tolerant. Yet, the Tea Party is attacked for trying to bring reality back into the conversation. It has intentionally fallen upon patriotic shoulders to carry the increasing weight of left-wing ignorance and entitlement intoxication while taking abuse from those we carry.

It is only our honor that holds us back from the final step in the cycle of history, and it is a barrier that exists only on the right.  This will not change because it cannot change.  The only thing keeping America from civil war is the honor of conservatives.

I apologize to Glenn Beck for America. He has endured a disproportionate amount of abuse. Let us all take a lesson from Mr. Beck and stand up for the truth when others turn back. He damns the torpedoes and cries full steam ahead.




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