Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Honor of Conservatives.

No one is surprised by the fact that America's left is deceitful and destructive.  It plays out a thousand times a day. We cannot prove it beyond the simple truth that it is. Everyone who will listen, has. There are no reasonable people to convince. The proof is all around us in music, news, politics, education and entertainment.

Not long ago, popular music occasionally taught or explained the human condition. These songs are now replaced with platitudes, political correctness or worse. Many Americans now get their news from comedy television or 140 word posts.  Witness how self-deluded JoAnne Kloppenburg appears when asked about how she finished slightly ahead in the Wisconsin vote count.  Kloppenburg even goes so far as to throw off a question about her loyalty to the unions in judicial matters.

The left has been taught to be unthinking.  Some leftists are intelligent, but that intelligence has been filled with falseness.  Nothing is as tragic as an intelligent person who has learned untruth.  These unthinking adults are teaching children to be unthinking for the benefit of adults. Children who will be left with mistrust, baseless confidence, fear, anger and hate.  The end result is unthinkable, unbelievable and unmistakable.

We have been called to be the peacemakers, and asked to be tolerant. Yet, the Tea Party is attacked for trying to bring reality back into the conversation. It has intentionally fallen upon patriotic shoulders to carry the increasing weight of left-wing ignorance and entitlement intoxication while taking abuse from those we carry.

It is only our honor that holds us back from the final step in the cycle of history, and it is a barrier that exists only on the right.  This will not change because it cannot change.  The only thing keeping America from civil war is the honor of conservatives.

I apologize to Glenn Beck for America. He has endured a disproportionate amount of abuse. Let us all take a lesson from Mr. Beck and stand up for the truth when others turn back. He damns the torpedoes and cries full steam ahead.

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