Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Progressives Keep On Losing and the Right Keeps On Winning

The following is in response to an article on Huffington Post:

Tax increases, really. Do you think that increased govt control is a vision? Since the 1770's enlightened­ humanity has moved away from state control. That is the point of knowledge and self-relia­nce. Humanity needed Kings an dictators when the masses were ignorant, but no more!

Depending upon the government to care for people is like swimming with a shark. At some point your "progressi­ve shark" will eat you. Humans are corruptible­e and politician­s are worse than most, thus the constitutional design of separation of powers.

Consider for one moment the people who ally Islam and "progressi­vism." Surface goals may seem in tune, but down deep Islam is waiting to force you into submission­. I remind you that Republican­s are the abolitioni­st party,  they have pushed civil rights since 1957,  include MLK, and created the EPA as a conservationist endeavor. If you join with Islam over Republican­s (who simply want individual­s empowered) then you are doomed. The Tea Party can accept your point of view and Islam cannot. Get out of the shark infested water!

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