Friday, May 20, 2011

$132,272 of Your Tax Money Found!

Your money is hiding at Drew Ford in La Mesa, California next to the I-8 highway. Perfectly positioned to advertise the green agenda redistribution of wealth.  Drive by and proudly bask in the bureaucratic accomplishment of enriching Bill Drew.

An article entitled First Local Auto Dealer Goes Solar  found at touts the bureaucratic accomplishment as follows:

"Terry Clapham, CCSE manager of distributed generation, presented general manager Bill Drew a rebate check for $132,272 from the California Solar Initiative."

Bill Drew: “Furthermore, it makes economic sense because we will save as much as 30 percent on our dealership’s utility costs and recover nearly 70 percent of the investment through rebates, tax credits and depreciation.”

Thank goodness we no longer live in a world where "economic sense" is based on economics or sense. If these solar panels made actual "economic sense" wouldn't the power company, with all its billions of dollars of capital, be operating solar power farms.

Maybe they can't run solar power generation farms due to environmental regulations... huh?

Well, why worry our heads with confusing notions like logic. Lets get back to screwing in some hazardous waste based CFL light bulbs and driving our coal powered electric vehicles. At least we can sleep soundly in the knowledge that our money is being used for the greater good (of politicians).

5/26/2008 update: (yes that is a joke - Westminster Abbey guest book)

Drew Ford is having a sale! No electric vehicles, three trucks, 2 SUVs, and the 2011 Fusion SE are advertised. They must be trying to make room for the solar panel powered electric vehicles. (caugh)


Christina said...


The power companies arent investing in green energy sources because they are able to generate electricity using fossil fuels at the moment that costs less than the huge upfront investment needed for alternative energy solutions.

Solar pv southwest said...

Investing on harnessing other sources of energy should be the power companies top priority. It might cost a huge investment initially but we all know that it will all pay off in the long run. And with the continues rise of fuel cost because of its depletion, there is really no other way but to look for other sources of energy.




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