Monday, May 30, 2011

RE: WEINER-gate VS THUNDER-gnome: More examples of sorry reporting.

I was reviewing Temple of Mut's latest post entitled WEINER-gate VS THUNDER-gnome: More examples of sorry reporting.

During this next year, the blatant lack of objective journalism will crescendo into the complete proliferation of the fact that YOU CANNOT TRUST THE MAINSTREAM NEWS. 

Even my most left wing friends and family currently question what they are being told and are seeking new sources of information. The internet has spurious information, but at least the full story is to be found.

We are going to have to start framing the facts for 20-somethings who have grown up without a trusted news source. We are completely offended at the changes we have seen in our lifetimes, but young adults will not understand our anger at the issue. Simply stating that "left-wing bias" and "mainstream media is corrupt" is no longer a news story, it is accepted fact. 

I am not sure how to become less passionate about this issue. It offends me to the core. It is Orwellian propaganda in my eyes, but we must. Maybe we need a twelve step program.

In related news, Vlad Putin is saying the IMF guy was framed. There is something to be learned from old Vlad; not in what he says but in why he says it.  My take is that he is attempting to create doubt and additional instability in financial markets. Such instability is good for Russia by pushing up gold and oil prices. More importantly, every dollar that gold and oil increase is an international condemnation of U.S. leadership and policy.

Our goals are diametrically opposed, however Vlad's measured and considered tactic is ignored at our own peril.  It is clear that the only people pursuing facts are people like San Diego's Local Order of Bloggers.  We can only hope that the ring of truth is being heard by enough people to make a difference.

Enjoy Memorial Day!
Here is my 8bit rendition of the National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key

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Penny Stocks said...

Great observation. I have felt equally as confused and betrayed my mainstream media for years. My only hope for truth and objectivity stays in the comedic relief of john Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Penny Stocks




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