Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leftist Insanity: Reagan was left of Obama

Steve Benen of Washington Monthly's political blog has jumped the shark in his attempt to support Politico's David Rogers' irrational article titled "Ghost of Gipper looms over GOP."  Fellow SLOB, Left Coast Rebel, wrote an excellent summary entitled Re-Writing the Reagan Legacy, but lets focus on another aspect of the story.

Doo Doo Economics began as a blog about the insanity of raising taxes during a recession. In this context, reading David Rogers and Steve Benen today was mind numbing. These leftist articles actually made me dumber. For a moment, I forgot that the factual context of the Reagan tax increases were after one of the largest and most successful tax rate reductions in American history and a huge economic expansion that threatened America with inflation. Raising taxes can offset inflation by cooling down an overheating economy. The political left has become so intellectually dishonest that they audaciously manufacture out-of-context idiocy that increases ignorance.

Does the left feel so invulnerable that they deny the existence of facts? Do they deny the existence of the ability to look up economic statistics on the very internet on which they post upon? Do they think that they are so much smarter than their readers that their words will be accepted as truth through sheer ignorance?  These questions are rhetorical but this topic is much deeper than just another dishonest leftist post. These posters are professional leftists writers pursuing assigned talking points.

It seems that honest political debate in America has degenerated into an assault upon our intelligence by propaganda artists on the left. Rank and file American liberals still want to make the world a better place. The traditional debate, focused on the best method to improve our world, is still the main street debate. Unfortunately, it is clear that power hungry, "progressive" elitists feel so empowered that their motives are now transparent. They feel entitled to their positions and are willing to rule others through the only tactic that has ever worked to enslave, lack of education.

In the modern context, enslaved Americans are taught to read, but not how to think. Children are educated on what to think and miseducated on historical, economic, philosophical and political reality. The most important historical, philosophical, military and psychological tome in western history, aka The Bible, is shunned in favor of pop misinformation designed to leave people ill prepared to rule themselves.

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