Monday, July 18, 2011

Sic Semper Tyrannis and the Tea Party

In a surprising turn of research, my sister has uncovered that my 15th Grandfather was Sir William Gardiner who killed King Richard III of England on August 22, 1485 at the battlefield at the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was knighted for bravery by King Henry VII.  This action established the modern English monarchy, ended the War of the Roses and is referred to as the end of the middle ages in England.

King Richard III reigned for 2 years and 57 days after accusations that he had killed 12-year-old King Edward V, his nephew. During his 2 year reign, King Richard III inspired 2 rebellions leading to his eventual downfall. If it was known at the time, the post entitled "The Chicago Precedent" would have been released upon that day in the Obama reign in memorial.

My endeavors to distribute Tea Party inspired apparel seem to parallel my distant relative as he was a cloth merchant. Our battlefields have evolved from axes to information but Sic Semper Tyrannis, "thus always to tyrants," lives on.

Mr. Obama holds the position as President of the World not just the United States. His efforts empower our enemies and cast despair upon all who dream of a better life. Although some of my compatriots will disagree, it is my belief that the post "How YOU can Remove Barack Obama from the 2012 Presidential Race," provides the legal means of ending the world's nightmare. It is my poleaxe of information.

Today, the Tea Party stands as the force that has pushed the big government tyrants to the debt limit. We threaten the enemies of individual freedom on the all fronts. Even once ardent Obama supports now commonly approach me and express their disapproval of his policies. There is a tide in the affairs of men and we are turning the tide.  So, never, never, never, ever surrender, it takes but a few brave souls to end corruption and blaze a better path. 

Some of these brave souls are the San Diego Tea Party's "San Diego Local Order of Bloggers." They are  relentlessly arming citizens with the truth. Please "like" their endeavors and help spread the word with the link provided. There are many ways for you to help and being informed is the most important.


Undoubtedly, someone will refer to Sic Semper Tyrannis and Lincoln. Lincoln also suspended our Constitution in part and was seen as a tyrant in his effort to end slavery. To this, it must be pointing out that Mr. Obama is suspending the U.S. Constitution to re-institute slavery. Slavery to government dependence is the end result of his actions. People are not being set free, they are losing their freedom to choose and the left's call for higher taxes has long since past any duty of necessity or call to patriotism. We The People are being used as natural resources to empower the elite with titles, wealth and lord status through taxation and deceit.

The essential principle of slavery is to not educate those you wish to enslave. Progressives have learned to miseducate with the same "you need me" dependence as the goal. It is simple marketing, create a need then fill a need. The brand they are selling is slavery.

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