Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene, More Obama "bad luck"

With the economy teetering and Mr. Obama on vacation the major media outlets need a big story to fit the progressive narrative.  Behold Irene as she drags CNN back into the murky waters of overblown alarmism.

Following 3 days of "preparedness training", CNN has been running with stories of all the possible hurricane based disasters that could occur. The headline has settled upon "The First Evacuation of New York starring Mayor Bloomberg." Other segments on CNN include "Low lying areas will floor and those who stay behind should pray."  "Mandatory evacuations causing traffic jams."  "No help coming for three days."  "Shut down of the New York subways." "Water and power will be gone." "Bridges and tunnels will be closed." "The economy will be impacted." "The urgency of the warnings is more intense with Irene."  "The stormsurge will be devistating."  "Historic hurricane."

My prediction is that this hurricane is overblown, if you will pardon the pun.

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