Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Progressive Ends Justify the Vile, Hateful, Divisive Means

The left has recently deployed some interesting tactics against conservatives and the popular American movement known as the Tea Party.  These tactics are psychological in nature and devised to exploit the differences between conservative and non-conservative Americans.  The primary strategic objective is classical divide and conquer for the 2012 election.  Lets look at some of the tactics recently deployed.

Exploit Conservative fears

Recently a union group formed called Californians Against Identity Theft. They have deployed thugs to stand next to volunteers collecting ballot signatures for causes that will weaken unions. The thugs then claim that ballot initiatives are "ripe with identity theft" to scare hard working conservatives away. This is clear intimidation and it is buttressed by a large radio advertising campaign.

Ballots do not collect social security numbers, bank account numbers or other information more sensitive than an email or physical address. Ballots are not ripe with identity theft, but conservatives generally have more to lose than non-conservatives.  This tactic is vile, but well considered as the intimidation can be targeted to talk radio and specific ballot initiatives while allowing rank and file leftist supporters unaware and unafraid of losing what they do not have.

There is an elitist left-wing class that is susceptible to fear of identity theft. This tactic could be reversed with a radio campaign on public radio, either informing elitist lefties to the outrageous tactics or targeting a specific ballot initiative that is favorable to progressive or union causes. 

Exploit Religious Differences

Typically conservative Americans are known as "god fearing" and another tactic this month emerged to divide along religious denominational lines.  Specifically the Huffington Post, LA Times and other far left outlets accused Michele Bachmann, as a member of a Lutheran "confessional" church, of believing that Catholics are not Christian. Of course, neither Michele Bachmann nor her church are anti-Catholic.

There have been long standing differences between many religious denominations and the left is pushing to exploit these age old fault lines.  This assault is targeted at religious conservatives and completely avoids the typical secular humanist progressive.  This tactic also advances the narrative that all religious people are extremists and crazy, a core communist tenet.

Again, exposure of this vile tactic is an embarrassment to all left thinking Americans. We must remember that not all "liberals" are progressives or communists. Most political correctness indoctrination focuses upon a "you care and are thus superior" appeal to the human predilection to see one's self in the best possible light. Revealing the "ends justify the means" hypocrisy of the left is very damaging to the feelings of progressive followers.

Update 8/4/2011:
An article has come to my attention titled: Secretary Of State Clinton Working With U.N. To Criminalize “Defamation Of Religion.”
(the) aim at developing a legal basis for the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution which help in enacting domestic laws for the countries involved in the issue, as well as formulating international laws preventing inciting hatred resulting from the continued defamation of religions.
This is more insane promotion of "Islamophobia" narrative, as a phobia is an irrational fear and not a fear based on a global political movement based on a history of violence and intolerance. With such laws, progressives could harass, fine or imprison people of faith who discuss denominational differences. Thus raising such differences to the forefront of political debate and fracturing any religious conservative political coalitions.  This is a very dangerous alliance between groups who hunger for power and control, Sharia Law proponents and progressives.


This tactic is so reactionary that I will not waste our time on it.  The very group that cannot recognize Islamic Jihad is accusing the general public, as embodied by the Tea Party grassroots movement, of being Jihadist terrorists. This may gain traction with MSNBC pundits trying to grab attention but it is just the nuclear fall-out from the Obama accusation that the Tea Party will not let him spend the country into bankruptcy.


The 2012 "billion dollar election" is heating up. The progressive left knows that it is facing an embarrassing and de-legitimizing defeat and is now a cornered animal. They have cornered themselves by not thinking independently and adhering to childish communist economic tenets. However, the drive to survive is bringing out the creative tactics that can only be described as "the progressive ends justify the vile, hateful, divisive means."

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