Thursday, August 18, 2011

RED Hackers Targeting Western Banks?

French researcher Xyliton, part of the RED Crew, released a crack for SpyEye builder 1.3.45. SpyEye is the premier Trojan builder. SpyEye is used to attack banks and collect credentials from SpyEye bots, including screen shots, user name and password combinations, and stolen certificates and cookies.
"SpyEye activity has been growing in recent months, with 60 percent of SpyEye bots targeting banks in the United States and 53 percent targeting financial institutions in the United Kingdom, according to a recent report from Trusteer."
Reports of the release originated from The Day Before Zero Blog.  SpyEye is used to defend itself by targeting anti-botnet sites with Denial of Service Attacks. These botnet attacks are becoming commonplace and I have begun running into them in San Diego.  It appears that the communist RED scare is now on the net and not just MSNBC.

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