Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The SLOBs Go Mobile!

The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers have launched our Android mobile app.  It is free and available in the Android Market by clicking here or on the right side of http://www.theslobs.org/.

We hope that our efforts in creating this app will help spread the call for liberty. Please share this app, "like" http://www.theslobs.org/ and bring the Tea Party movement back to the grassroots.

The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers publish facts, opinion and important information from a range of Tea Party perspectives with focus on economic issues. Our goal is to save America and empower free individuals. The site summarizes the latest articles in an easy to read format that helps keep you informed and up to date.

You have access to San Diego's Finest Tea Party Bloggers via facebook, webrss, atom, and now on your Android mobile phone.

Update: Thanks to Shane Atwell's suggestion we now automatically feed posts to our facebook page and my twitter account DooDooEcon.


Dean said...

Sir Charles, thanks for your tireless service to the SLOBs.

Doo Doo Econ said...

I am glad to help!




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