Monday, August 15, 2011

The Tea Party is the Opposite of European Rioters

We often hear the code language inspire hate against Tea Party members from "news" outlets. We have seen police in riot gear intimidate national anthem singing, geriatric patriots in Quincy and now see a teen curfew in Philadelphia due to "flash mobs." With the violence around the globe perpetrated by riotous and entitled socialists the time has come to point out the differences between Tea Party protesters and socialist animals.

Both groups are upset about the economy, but have radically different solutions in mind.  Tea Party members point to proven economic solutions that create wealth. Socialists depend upon pseudo-economic "interventionist" political entitlements. Entitlements taken from "fall guy" groups targeted by daily talking points. (For instance, if the U.S. government took all $685 billion of income from American "millionaires and billionaires" it would not cover the $1.65 trillion dollar annual deficit.)

Entitled socialists are violent animals from all classes of wealth who intimidate, destroy and steal with a shameless lack of personal responsibility.  The socialists are miseducated from preschool to Harvard by Karl Marx's "sociology" curriculum.  Tea Party protesters use nonviolence to persuade individuals to vote against the dangerous power of overgrown and heartless government. Tea Party members are educated through studies of The Bible, philosophy, capitalism, The U.S. Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.

Entitled Socialists regard as "rights" anything that ruling class propaganda decree. The ruling class then uses threats against these "rights" to provoke mob hate, outrage and eventual violence for political gain. Tea Party members rely upon the rule of law and not men. Tea Party members hold that rights are given by God to the individual and are inalienable. Outrage at the corruption of law is not related to hate. This lack of Tea Party hate draws the ire of the left leaning media establishment who cannot relate to or understand it.

The God given rights protected by The U.S. Constitution are held in high regard by the Tea Party. Entitled Socialists regard The U.S. Constitution as a barrier to the issuance of "rights" as found in the Goals of Communism and the Communist Manifesto. This disagreement defines the Tea Party as counter revolutionaries and socialists as the useful tools of communist revolutionaries.

This "Constitutional" difference is the most important at the personal level. The Tea Party believes in the Second Amendment right to bare arms to protect themselves. Socialists wish to impose their will upon groups too large to be controlled indefinitely at the barrel of a gun. Education and re-education are used to protect elitists from the masses that they live at the expense of. In America this can be summarized by saying that the Tea Party is armed and ready to protect society, while socialists need to tear down society and subjugate those who would stand in their way. If socialist rioters engage in America they had better stay away from Tea Party members wearing t-shirts stating "ARMED."

Another interesting difference is pointed out in a Gallup poll showing that the Tea Party is the most racially balanced group.

CNS Reports:
According to Gallup, 75 percent of the U.S. population is non-Hispanic White, while 11 percent are non-Hispanic black, and 15 percent belong to other races. Meanwhile, 79% of Tea Party movement supporters are non-Hispanic white, while 6 percent are non-Hispanic black, and 15 percent belong to other races.

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