Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vons and Unions Intimidating Petitioners

Today I ran across another example of intimidation.  This occurance happened outside of Von's supermarket as I approached a man asking citizens to sign local issue petitions. As soon as I signed the petition thugs emerged.  Signs were placed and "Von's cops" started standing around. The petition gatherer, in his wheel chair, began telling me the story of a young woman who was brought to tears through intimidation. 

The petition gathering focused upon city pension reform, open contract bids and the vilified assault on political contributions by union payroll deductions. A story in San Diego's Citybeat further chronicles the challenges of saving the single party state of California. The intimidation is so prevelent that the gatherer needed advice from his lawyer to proceed.

As a long time Tea Party activist, I encouraged the gatherer as he talked about feeling alone in the battle. His fears were unfounded. I informed him that less than 500 ft. from where he worked a small but influential group of fellow freedom lovers had been meeting over breakfast. "You are not alone. We are right beside you."


Anonymous said...

I fell at Vons over a bread rack left on the floor. Now they wont answer my calls and i have shopped at that store for many years. I cant believe how they are not returning my calls.

Anonymous said...

I fell at Vons i really hurt myself they investigated and found it was the negligence of Vons well another man took over my case ANDREW SALCIDO and he wont return my calls treats me like it was nothing that i was hurt. Im upset i have shopped at Vons for many years and so does my family but now i will shop at another chain its too bad a corporation like Vons treats their customers like this.




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