Thursday, September 29, 2011

Progressives Build Potemkin Solar Villages

Mark Levin was discussing Potemkin villages and it seems that he was approaching a terrific presentation of our current administration.  The Potemkin village comes from Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin who:
disguised all the weak points of his administration—hence the apocryphal tale of his erecting artificial villages to be seen by the empress in passing. (“Potemkin village” came to denote any pretentious facade designed to cover up a shabby or undesirable condition.)
President Obama is our present day Potemkin. The government subsidized solar power industry produces America's Potemkin village facades. Chairman Obama and his con-artist allies push to erect these ineffectual facades in the name fictitious "Green Jobs."   Solar panels do not pay for themselves, they become less effective over time, rooftop panels are more dangerous than Chernobyl  at 100-150 deaths per year and the panels work around 6 hours per day. The Institute for Energy Research concludes: “Although stand-alone solar power has a certain free-market niche and does not need government favor, using solar power for grid electricity has been and will be an economic loser for ratepayers and a burden to taxpayers.” Green is the new red, but central planners haven't changed in more than 200 years.

To add to this problem, the "go green" mantra is offloading the cost of this farce onto tax payers and victims. Just like finance companies suckered some people into mortgages they could not afford, many of these same con-artists and ideologues are pursuing a new group of victims with the assistance of the same progressive government bubble policies.  Financed solar panels will be upside down quicker than Fanny or Freddie owned mortgages.  Once solar panels are installed on a home, it becomes a front for the progressive lie of central planning prosperity.  The home owner's money, ego and identity are invested in the propaganda. It is the same self-righteousness that Prius, Segway, and electric car owners are sold.

Proof of this pious, look-at-me attitude can be found in this statement by
With San Jose in the number-one slot and Bakersfield, San Francisco and Fresno in the top five, the list indicates that families in northern and central California are setting the precedent for taking control of their electricity costs by switching to solar.
That's right, sunny San Diego is #2 on the list. How effectively is this tax money being spent? It depends if the goal is to present an illusion to liberal San Francisco political donors and special interest groups or to benefit all Americans.

This gimmickry has run its coarse. Solyndra, LightSquared, Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project and an endless march of crony capitalist "government investments" eroded American trust of central planning. Fellow SLOBs member WC Varones wrote a fine article detailing:
Americans finally distrust and dislike their rotten, corrupt, intrusive, and incompetent government.
The sun has set on government wasting our hard earned money.  Americans know that solar panels are more pretentious facades of progressive Potemkin villages.

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