Sunday, October 9, 2011

Michele Bachmann Correct: ObamaCare the Central Issue of 2012

A few weeks back there was a beer summit of  The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers. I was the sole blogger to back Michele Bachmann over all the other candidates. At that time, Sarah Palin and Chris Christie were viable options and Herman Cain, who I run in support of, had not yet found his footing. My reasoning was that she has proven herself a warrior in addition to being a politician.

Economic freedom is the basis of individual freedom, but I must remind everyone that ObamaCare is the central issue of 2012. Wavers and executive orders are not sufficient to defeat it. It must be repealed and it will be a battle that only one person in the Republican field seems to understand.

Michele Bachmann is currently the only candidate to express the understanding and drive to repeal ObamaCare. If not repealed now, America will be changed forever. Private health insurance will soon go bankrupt and 114 million Americans then lose their coverage. These people will be left calling for government intervention. Government will then step in and grab control over every aspect of your body and life.

It is ObamaCare stupid. The overall economy is just a distraction compared to the threat of ObamaCare. The economy cannot be fixed until ObamaCare (and then other government overreach) is repealed.

If you understand the importance of the Repeal of ObamaCare, then consider support for Michele Bachmann.  We need her to lead this fight and other candidates need to pledge full support of her efforts. It is her job to bring this issue to the forefront for 2012, but it is our job to support her efforts.

Full C-SPAN Video of Michelle Bachmann discussing the Repeal of ObamaCare in MOULTONBOROUGH, NH. (at about 20 minutes)

I remind everyone to sign the petition to Repeal ObamaCare.

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