Monday, October 24, 2011

National Popular Vote Fraud to Reelect Obama

What if the President was chosen by national popular vote totals instead of by states through the electoral college?

Huge cities controlled through voter fraud will simply flood the vote counts with illegal ballots policed by the corrupt officials that will choose our leaders. Other states will have literally no impact on elections. Federal oversight does not exists for state election law, so the most corrupt states will go unchecked.

The best part is that 171 of the 270 electoral votes needed have already signed this into law. You will never guess which states have already passed this "bipartisan" scheme to end The Republic. Eighty one more electorial votes are currently in the process of passing this law.

The strategy to reelect Obama is now revealed. If this scheme is successful, our only hope is my plan to keep him off state ballots. However, the next would-be-dictator will likely be immune to such legal action.

Get more info at GulagBound:

UPDATE 10/24/2011: On Friday, October 28, The Heritage Foundation has scheduled a conference on this issue. It is good to see that we conservatives are becoming organized.

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