Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top 15 Reasons Human Freedom is Threatened

15. The Attorney General Lied to Congress about selling guns to Mexican Drug gangs and is not in jail.

14. Our President agrees with and protects the New Black Panther Party.

13. Politicians that caused the 2008 housing collapse through Fanny and Freddy are not in Jail.

12. Democrats that used the stimulus of 2009 to pay political donors like Solyndra are not in jail.

11. American citizens are declared terrorists then targeted by HellFire missiles without trial or even legal justification. Tea Party grandmothers are called terrorists.

10. Climate Change is not about science it is about politics, money and power.

9. Net Neutrality now regulates free speech and assembly on the internet. Further, Facebook, Google and Twitter silence conservatives and cover up for progressives.

8. Occupy Wall Street has the same outrage as the Tea Party, but is AstroTurf paid for to promote communist state slavery and vilify the economic freedom of capitalism.

7. The mainstream media is so biased that it demonizes Tea Party freedom lovers and promotes Marxist revolutionaries.

6. Political correctness has made people fear the truth.

5. Children are not taught morality, independence or history. They are taught false self esteem, entitlement, and political correctness. They are now afraid of self examined truth.

4. ObamaCare grants government limitless power and ends individual liberty. It will lead to the progressive dream of population control.

3. Our economy was sabotaged by artificially high gas prices, government driven housing bubbles, debasement of the dollar, destruction of innovation friendly patent law, taxing and regulating jobs away, and dependency class warfare.  Communists come to power through misery and hate.

2. The U.S. Constitution is only a piece of paper, and it is not the law in America today.  Few Americans are prepared to defend freedom against their own government.

1. If freedom dies in America, it will die for all humanity.

Freedom as an experimental form of government has only existed, most recently, for 235 years. Liberty has transformed humanity, but 10,000 years of tyranny may prove that man is too evil and wily to resist the barbaric impulse to enslave those who are less fortunate.  It is up to us to constantly defeat the evil that exists in humanity and I conclude with a reminder:  You cannot reason with evil.




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