Sunday, November 20, 2011

Political Implications of Hypersonic Weapons

A U.S. Department of Defense "Conventional Prompt Global Strike" prototype was tested by the Army on November 18, 2011. The Pentagon announced:
Today the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command conducted the first test flight of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) concept. At 6:30 a.m. EST (1:30 a.m. Hawaii-Aleutian Time), a first-of-its-kind glide vehicle, designed to fly within the earth’s atmosphere at hypersonic speed and long range, was launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii to the Reagan Test Site, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll.
The Defense Department added:
The data collected will be used by the Department of Defense to model and develop future hypersonic boost-glide capabilities."
I calculated the minimum test speed to be Mach 6.8 without access to the flight path but based upon minimum distance and available flight times. Hypersonic is classified as over Mach 5.0. The Army test vehicle was cone shaped and adds to the list of America's prototype Hypersonic weapons. A list including the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) and the Mach 20 X-51A Waverider.

A Congressional Research Service report said the weapons system would be able to maneuver to avoid flying over third party nations as it approached its target. The weapon will use a precision guidance system to home in on the target. Hypersonic weapons systems will reach targets anywhere in the world within 2 hours from U.S. bases. Foreign soil and naval launch platforms could put payload on target within minutes. Meandering above combat zones could provide the ability to strike targets in seconds.

At hypersonic speeds, weapons payloads may not require explosives to produce radiation-free impact zones similar to high density meteors. Strikes capabilities likely include deep penetration into hardened underground structures, surgical strikes and wide-area, radiation-free, low altitude detonations. These weapons systems could also render nuclear ICBM's obsolete through interception and preemptive strikes.

Since 2005, work has been progressing on hypersonic fighters in addition to the currently reported hypersonic drones/missiles. Hypersonic fighter to fighter combat would be too fast for conventional weapons, so laser, microwave or other directed energy weapons are required. Such fighters may be able to intercept other hypersonic weapons systems.

The Political Impact

Imagine an enemy country with the ability to strike the U.S. Congress, White House, Pentagon, or a campaign speech podium within a few minutes of locating an important American leader. Such non-nuclear capabilities would render our political system unworkable. Now, consider what leaders of America's enemies are being told today. Consider what leaders of ally nations are being told by their military advisers.

The impact of hypersonic weapons on geopolitics is going to be more profound than nuclear weapons. Essentially, no opposing nations' leadership is safe. American military could watch television broadcasts and in real-time surgically eliminate opposing leaders on-air. The threat of these weapons will cut off nations from their leadership structures. Taped broadcasts could be used, but in combat situations opposing nations would lose real-time command and control. Opposing leaders could not rally or comfort their peoples.

These developments could explain some of President Obama's military strategy decisions. Abandoning bases in Iraq, cutting next generation fighter programs, and even the unsustainable borrowing from the Chinese and printing money. This may explain why the media and members of the elitist political class have been so brazenly nonchalant about corrupt and criminal activity in support of the Obama administration and its cronies.

Is a world with multiple governments sustainable when opposing leadership is intimidated or instantaneously eliminated? Two opposing countries with hypersonic capabilities might get into a Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) cycle, but the deterrent of global nuclear destruction would be replaced by the revolutionary friendly Mutually Assured Political Destruction (MAPD) of the countries.

Is America's currently corrupt government worthy to take control of the world? The cesspool known as the United Nations is definitely not worthy.  The old adage, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, comes to mind. Elitists who cannot be challenged, that always works out well.

The title President does not fit a leader who does more than just preside over his "equals." Someone with command over this level of power, and a ruthless heart, would chose who is allowed to be opponents. The power at stake in the 2012 election is not about leading America. It is not about being the "leader of the free world." It is not about being the "most powerful man in the world." On the table is becoming the ONLY truly powerful person in the world, the Caesar.

How long have those with top secret clearance been discussing the implications of this technology?  Has it been this secret prospective power that has corrupted our political system? How many conspiracy theories are going to coincide with these revelations? Mayan calendar, check. New World Order, check. Revelations, check. Nostradamus, I don't know. Twelfth Imam, maybe. There are probably more conspiracy theories on The History Channel.

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