Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why to Support Citizen Journalists

Rights and liberties in America are found in the 5th Amendment and the Bill of Rights. Individual rights limit the powers of government. Key to this limitation of government power has been the protective power of the press. This power of the press has become increasingly compromised over the last several years.

Consequently, the lack of protection against expansive and corrupt government power can be seen in the unquestioned actions of Barack Obama. Numerous lies are now commonly unchallenged in the traditional media. Many of us on the side of freedom have concluded that the old media is now an agent working against the rights and liberties of We The People. However, we must acknowledge that this old media empire is crumbling and cornered. Starved of financial resources, the old school newspapers and television stations are at risk. Once fully staffed journalistic endeavors are now skeletons who cannot carry out their traditional duties. Their compliance may simply be due to desperation.

Lets take the most optimistic view of traditional media and the issue of Barack Obama comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln. The LA Times and CNN could not resist this half-baked exercise in journalism:

There are, in fact, some parallels. Both had distant fathers and were raised in families of few means. Both had curiosity, devouring studies. Both became lawyers and settled in Illinois. Both got their start in Illinois state politics, served only a short time in Congress and upset political giants in their long-shot bids for the presidency. Lincoln narrowly bested William H. Seward and Obama, well, remember Hillary Rodham Clinton? Funny thing is, both Seward and Clinton were U.S. senators from New York.
Of course for many, the singular comparison is that both Lincoln and Obama are marvelous orators, given to soaring rhetoric that can lift a nation at a time of war and economic hardship.
So CNN might be forgiven for morphing their faces

The tragedy of this comparison is that it gives Obama tacit approval to ignore the U.S. Constitution, as they ignorantly attribute Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus due to an "emergency." President Lincoln may roll over in his grave at comparisons between these two problems. Lincoln was self educated but brilliant enough to study the situations he faced by the illumination of the U.S. Constitution. Even President Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus was not a political move to promote an agenda, it was a reaction within constitutional limits to preserve The Republic after 11 states had succeeded and Maryland was in question.
Constitution Article 1 Section 9 Clause 2: The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.
A financial collapse would not have ended the Union. The lack of ObamaCare or Global Warming regulations would not threaten the Union. To be frank, these political agenda provoke rebellion. There are no clauses in The Constitution enumerating power to provide health insurance or support the elitist belief in climate religion. The left is devoted to creating a dependency class for political purposes. The Constitution is devoted to individual rights and liberties and swings toward dictatorial powers only when The Republic is endangered.

President Lincoln faithfully executed his office and would never have misused the argument of departmental constitutional interpretation to stop enforcement of The Defense of Marriage Act. President Lincoln would not remove the blindfold to race at the Department of Justice. President Lincoln would not have obstructed justice in the investigation into Solyndra by Congressional Energy and Commerce Committee. President Lincoln would not have run guns to the southern states to push a political agenda. Yet, the traditional media does not bring these issues to the forefront of national debate. Instead, these threats to all of our rights and liberties are overshadowed by hyped accusations against Herman Cain.

It is up to citizen journalists to pursue truth now. So please forgive the blogging world as it learns to shoulder the burdens once carried by large corporate institutions. Please forgive our zealousness in promoting our efforts, but unless we learn to overcome the financial obstacles, truth will go from being covered up to never being uncovered. Without truth, corruption and evil dominate.

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