Friday, December 9, 2011

Banana Shaikh: Women Banned from Sexy Vegetables

A Saudi Arabian report concluded that driving is the enemy of virginity, but the latest news is the topping. Handling bananas, cucumbers and other phallic shaped fruits and vegetables gives women "sexual thoughts" according to an Islamic shaikh. The religious publication el-Senousa News, reported the European banana shaikh as saying that if a woman wished to eat cucumbers or bananas, it should be sliced into pieces, preferably by her husband or father, before she eats them.  Immoral and blasphemous carrots and zucchini are also on the list of banned foods.

The banana shaikh was also questioned if holding these vegetables while shopping is “harmful” to women. He replied that it was a matter between God and women.

I, for one, am asking my wife to take me out for a banana shake Va-va-voom!




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