Saturday, December 3, 2011

Herman Cain Bye-Bye-Bye

Herman Cain says bye-bye-bye in a speech in Atlanta, Georgia. Disappointing as it may be, we have seen the next victim in the smear campaign of Chicago politician Barack Hussein Obama.

Herman Cain like all leaders has interacted with many people over his life. Some of these people have been women and in desparate economic times, the least honorable among them are easily tempted by promises of money and fame. I can only guess that the next step for Herman Cain accusors will be songs or reality television.

As a conservative, the idea of charity is fundamental and it is not suprising that Herman Cain would assist those in need around him. Women in danger particularly engender the protective instincts of men. So, it is entirely believable that Herman Cain is innocent of the allegations levied. He should have been in consultation with his wife over any such matters, but we do not know if such decisions are within their relationship's established level of trust.

It is a sad day in the 2012 Presidential Campaign and the next step for Herman Cain is an endorsement. Cain will likely endorse Michelle Bachmann who has a breadth of foreign policy and tax law experience. Other obvious options are Rick Santorum, Rick Perry or Gary Johnson in that order. Unlikely is an endorsement for Newt Gingrich or John Huntsman. Endorsement of Ron Paul or Mitt Romney would be shocking. My Cain endorsement bet is Michelle Bachmann due to certainty in her conservative convictions.

The only modern politician with no track record of leading women and no ex-girlfriends is Barack Hussein Obama. His wife Michelle was a political crony in Chicago of Richard Daily, but that is all we know. Obama's relationship with Reggie Love and facts like his membership at a gay Chicago bath house add to this "not that there is anything wrong with that" storyline.  Resultingly, President Obama is free of heterosexual scandal. Maybe gay bath houses are the only places progressives feel safe from conservatives when discussing their evil plans for world domination.

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