Monday, December 26, 2011

Indiana Man Smacks Jihadist with Shoe

Evansville, Indiana

Assault and hate crime charges were filed against an Indiana man for hitting a militant Islamist in the face with his shoe. The charges were dropped after the Judge met with the defendant, members of local law enforcement, a local Jewish leader, local Islamic leaders and Native American activists. The defendant then received a hand written death threat from an unknown source.

The charges stemmed from a visiting Islamist who had been invited to speak at an Evansville, Indiana mosque. After hearing the militant nature of the presentation, he was ejected from the mosque. The militant Islamist then began spouting hate on a street corner.

The Native American activist defendant and a Jewish leader happened upon the wrong street corner and were confronted by the militant man. The defendant had a short conversation with his companions about the situation. At that time the Native American activist threw his shoe and struck the militant Islamist in the face.

In a phone interview question about why the shoe was thrown, a friend of the defendant added, "He is an ex (U.S. Army) Ranger and worked as a mercenary in the Turkish Army. He was married to a Turkish woman, and is considered Turkish by the local (Turkish) community. He knows the culture." In reference to the type of shoe thrown his friend stated, "He wears shoes that can stomp people."

The names of the men involved are not being released for their personal safety.

UPDATE: article corrected for an error.

Christmas Update: On Christmas day, it is reported that as the militant Islamist spouted his beliefs from a street corner, Christmas cookies were delivered along with other items. Although the context may have been questionable, the spirit of "Hoosier Hospitality" lives on.

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