Friday, December 2, 2011


I have been very badly mistaken in my personal view of Barack Hussein Obama.  After years of attempting to reason, moderate and rationalize the actions of our current president, I gave into the educated but incorrect belief that he was attempting to dismantle our republic.

President Obama is not resorting to unfettered, bare knuckled, mudslinging in order to maintain his office or destroy America.  He is on a ideological Jihad to destroy western civilization as a whole.  Mudslinging at Herman Cain is nothing compared to the lengths he and his kind are willing to go. The office of POTUS is far to important to be left up to a fair election when the future of human domination hangs in the balance.

Postmodernists are insane, irrational beings who can only be compared to unreasoning beasts. Their only real skill is hiding and changing definitions because they do not see any definition as meaningful. Our postmodern aka post racial, post American president is their fraudulent figurehead.  Conservatives do not acknowledge this due to gullibility. A gullibility based upon our need to reason through problems, even when looking at human motivations.

We must stop looking to reason to explain postmodernists who do not believe in reason. They hate us. THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO DESTROY what they see as inadequate empirical truth to pursue collectivist spiritual truth. 

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