Thursday, December 15, 2011

San Diego Tea Party Helps Stop The Dream Act (AB 131)

On the evening of December 14th, members of The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition and other Tea Party groups gathered around San Diego to collect petition signatures to stop the "Dream Act." AB-131 is the official designation of the measure that will divert additional tax payer dollars to support illegal immigration. To add the ballot measure that will stop AB-131 requires 500,000 signatures by January 5.

The California Dream Act allocates tax payer funds to financial aid for undocumented students. Illegal immigration currently costs California $22 billion a year and AB-131 adds to an unsustainable debt burden. Scarce funds should be prioritized to children of military families and other responsible tax payer groups.

The California Dream Act is cloaked in the facade of compassion. Such compassion falls between fiscal irresponsibility and extortion. Compassion does not exist where the threat of force is used to secure other peoples scarce resources in self-serving pursuits.

Dawn Wildman, and a dozen other volunteers, including your humble correspondent, met in front of Walmart on Murphy Canyon Rd to collect signatures. Similar events are being held all around California. Radio coverage from KFI AM 640's John and Ken, 760 KFMB's Rick Roberts and others helped get the word out. Supporters who signed my petitions had traveled to Mission Valley from as far away as Chula Vista and Encinitas.

In addition to the usual Tea Party voices, another volunteer stepped up to talk to the media. Fox 5 San Diego interviewed volunteer Michelle Fitzgerald. Her enthusiasm was apparent and she inspired several drivers and passersby to stop and sign petitions.

One California patriot who stopped to sign the petition made an interesting observation. Some registered voters may not remember how their names were added to the Registrar of Voters. If signatures contain mistakes, missing middle names or maiden names, they may be discounted.  In the future, we could bring an IPad or other internet ready device to review and display this information upon request.

UPDATE: 12/15/11 If you want to help the cause, we need additional volunteers today at 5950 Balboa Avenue at the Albertsons to continue the petition collection.




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