Saturday, December 31, 2011

Story of 2011: The Rise of Progressive Fascism

While many pundits are offering up their stories of the year, Doo Doo Economics is not going to mince words.   The progressive left was revealed as a crazed group of National Socialists, aka fascists. I would use the abbreviation for the National Socialist German Worker's Party, but I know how people have been desensitized to the term.

Over the last year, progressives have assaulted Doo Doo Economics with physical and online assaults to stifle free debate.  It began with physical assaults on my home with miscellaneous objects including at least 2 attacks involving human feces. Google shut down our ability to generate ad revenue through Adwords. Facebook currently does not allow its sharer service to post articles from this blog. Several paid advertisements on Facebook for shirts, books and articles were shut down. On occasion this blog itself has disappeared. Apparently, Google throttles the domain name service (dns) resolution of this blog to limit the number of visitors per day. Twitter teamed up with Team Obama's to hide the trending fact that the website was an immediate laughing stock. All of these assaults on speech harken-back to "the debate is over" mentality that devours anyone who goose-steps out of order.

On several occasions, individuals on the left have challenged my facts. I enjoy debate but cannot debate people who do not believe in objective truth. Overwhelmingly their claims against my research have turned out to be false. The crazed brown shirts oppose facts with anonymous entries on Wikipedia, leftist entries, poorly conceived talking points memos and irresponsibly political IPCC pseudo-scientific references.

On fronts from free speech, to scientific debate, to gun rights, to racism, to propaganda and through intimidation the progressives are now a power mad cadre of anti-American evil doers. The old adage, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" rings precisely for our leftist countrymen.  Because of this, I am going to relate a couple brief parables that point out the ageless evil inherent in the progressive ideology.

Parable One:  The Origin of Satan

Lucifer (aka Satan) was the most beautiful Angel and God's most adored. One story portrays a misguided intent for Satan. The story is that he disagrees with God and believes man must be led to God. Satan does not rely upon man's free will, but exploits it to prove our inadequacy. Satan knows best how to lead humanity (to God). DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR?

I appologize for the lack of source reference but this seems to be an interpretation of several verses.

Parable Two:  The Angel with The Flaming Sword

When Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, God placed an Angel with a Flaming Sword at the gate. The Angel's charge is to prevent our entry back into Eden. The more we attempt to create utopia on Earth, the more misery, death and destruction befall us.  DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR?

Conclusion 2011

Our imperfection can never be overcome, to do so would remove our humanity. We are meant to pursue happiness through our own free will. To be forced, or to force others, to do (or be) good is meaningless. We each much choose to do good. That is why we are here.

It would be better if I could at times choose more flowery, inviting words. It would be better if my appeals to  hearts and minds were more persuasive.  Due to my imperfections, my most potent appeal is truth. So 2011 ends with an appeal from the wisdom extracted from the truth of my life.

America is not a place, it is an idea. The last few years we have seen that idea attacked by those who oppose human free will aka freedom. There is no need to destroy America the place, if America the idea of constitutional freedom is destroyed. The destruction of the idea of freedom is the consequence of progressivism. There is only one alternative to constitutionally protected freedom and that is slavery. This is the unvarnished truth and I ask you to rejoin the cause of freedom in all manners during 2012.

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