Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Texas Santa was Muslim Honor Killing

Fellow San Diego Local Order of Bloggers writer W.C. Varones reported on a murder in his Greenspan's Body Count column. It turns out there is more to the story. The media initially did not report the fact that the Texas "Santa Killer" was angry at his daughter for dating a non-Muslim. This was a "honor killing."

Several new media sites, including Atlas Shrugged, are now reporting the fact following reports from The Dallas Morning News. He was also estranged from his ex-wife and, as W.C. Varones describes, financial difficulties had led to foreclosure on his home. The white washing of facts surrounding murder is becoming disturbingly common in America.


Dean said...

Some inconvenient truths that are perhaps to unsavory for polite discourse.

SarahB said...

Will link in the new year




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