Sunday, February 5, 2012

All Protestors Painted As Occupiers

Be forewarned:
The establishment wants us to despise the occupy movement. The goal is to paint everyone who opposes big government control as like Occupiers. I am not an avid Occupy Movement supporter. I do fully support the Tea Party Movement. This is an important distinction but one that is fundamentally at risk.

The Occupy Movement has two distinct goals as the left-wing political establishment founded it and funded it. First, change the media narrative away from the Constitutionalist Tea Party movement. Second, and more importantly, to villify all opposition to government. Opposition is painted with the broad brush of radicalism and lawlessness. Some say this is to facilitate a call for more government intervention.

In an example of, "for evil to prevail requires good men to do nothing," the occupy movement will be used to dissuade good people from doing what must be done. This will occur because "average" Americans do not want to be seen as unreasonable or radical. Painting all protestors as Occupiers is an intimidating tactic just as political correctness is intimidation against free speech.

Listen closely as the Obama administration and their comrades make anti-Occupy statements. This chorus will intone the "they are all radicals, unlike 'us'" message. This message will increase with the summer Tea Parties being compared to Occupy. The message will cresendo as election fraud and other anti-constitutional news raises opposition to big government to a new decible level. All activism will be painted with the precedent of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

"You don't want to join 'them' do you? They are radical and we use our PBS voices."

We should refer to this idea as the The Occupy Precedent.


Dean said...

I think Team O went too far into the Occupy kiddie pool to successfully extricate itself now.

Then again, with our 24 hr. news cycle culture, people may forget how warmly the establishment-left cozied-up to Occupy.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Can we save a society that doesn't pay attention to the world around it?

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