Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Alinsky Rule 13: Radicalize The Messenger

From a Washington Times email:

Most Read Stories
  1. Exposer in Stolen Valor case fired
  2. Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate a 'forgery'
  3. NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term
  4. KUHNER: Obama's Islamist agenda
  5. Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress

(full email pdf)

The Obama administration added to the Rules for Radicals with "Being boldly radical focuses the appearance of radicalism upon the messenger." President Obama has actually accomplished something toward his Nobel Peace Prize, a historic footnote.

This new rule must have been learned from experience during the 1960's or the study of countries previously fundamentally transformed. The very Machiavellian strategy may have been featured in Hugo Chavez's book. Did Chavez release the audio book?

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SarahB said...

Excellent observation...handn't even thought about RFR in all this. Duh! Too bad their target couldn't give a flying rats ass if a single person likes him or what he says...which makes me love him :)




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