Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Death Trumps Sheriff Joe Arpaio Announcement

Being in San Diego presents me with a few unique opportunities. Shaking the hand of Andrew Breitbart was one such opportunity. I had a couple short conversations with Andrew and we tag teamed the left via twitter on a couple occassions.

Andrew Breitbart and Matt Friedman a
Congressional Candidate in Dec. 2009
I snapped a couple pictures of Andrew with my friends, but never jumped to get a photo op for myself. That is my style. My name doesn't matter, my face doesn't need to be in lights. I am a humble guy from Northern Indiana who is not James Dean. However, the idea of America means everything to me as it did to Andrew Breitbart.

I understand that Andrew was twitter jousting while on a walk when he collapsed. He was not in athletic shape, but he certainly was not in dire physical condition. So news of his passing is a major shock!

The news is also a headline grabber from Sheriff Joe today at noon. The Daily KOS is having a hard time mocking Sheriff Joe this time around. The comments are trickling in and some are pro Sheriff Joe. 134 comments, 44 tweets, 329 likes IN 6 DAYS. That is an entire week to head this thing off at the pass, and they failed. I hope Sheriff Joe has something new to say because it would have been Breitbart publicizing it.

Let us salute Andrew Breitbart as a warrior for freedom and a fearless force for the new media.


K T Cat said...

I was shocked to see that Andrew had died. He did so much for the cause.

Left Coast Rebel said...





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