Sunday, March 11, 2012

HBO's Game Change Smears Sarah Palin

Last night my wife and I watched HBO's Game Change. It is an adaptation of the book by the same name by Mark Halperin. The movie was informative about the state of American progressives.

Untruths, dramatic evil soundtracks, outright provable lies and demonization of Sarah Palin marked the film as bad propaganda. If the movie was targeted toward other progressives it may have been successful, but it is clearly targeted at independents and conservatives. Undertones are meant to give people negative emotional reactions to the Sarah Palin caricature. Republicans are characterized as racist and violent as forboding music plays. The dumbest aspect of the movie was the revisionist claim that Sarah Palin is responsible for McCain's loss and Barack Obama's presidency.

The progressives who made this movie are misguided. They mistakenly believe that the audience for HBO political movies is as immature as the tweens they normally target with propaganda.  They simply have not clued into the fact that progressives are the establishment. Progressive is not "in" anymore and all the hateful rhetoric and 1930's style dehumanization is just #FAIL.

Post Script

It seems that cancelling HBO is also becoming "cool."

Someone should also mention that Game Change is an attempt to counter The Undefeated (2011) that is currently showing on Reelz.

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SarahB said...

I've been dying to hear how this movie was. I think you are spot on in terms of audience perception on this...and it's just old, tired, and desperate.

No one on the left is talking about it, so my guess is folks were probably pretty embarrassed for the makers 20 minutes in.




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