Sunday, March 25, 2012

Solar Irradiance Causes Climate Change

Its the Sun Stupid!
An article by the Danish Meteorolgical Institute in Copenhagen shows that it is the sun and not man behind climate change.

There are two findings of note:
  • The most immediate cause of climate changes would be changes in the total irradiance of the Sun.

  • This clearly demonstrates that some long-term change in the solar wind has taken place during this century which is not reflected in the sunspot number at solar minima.
More recently a paper titled High-resolution sea surface reconstructions off Cape Hatteras over the last 10 ka was published in the AGU Paleoceanography Journal that provides clear evidence that solar irradiance had a major impact on climate during the Holocene.

Dr. Sabastian Luning comments at Die kalte Sonne Site:
"The new findings once again clearly underscore that the last several thousands of years are characterized by natural temperature cycles that are controlled by fluctuations in solar activity (see p. 68-75 in ‘Die kalte Sonne’). The logical continuation of these natural cycles through today shows that an important part of the warming of the last 150 years has to be attributed to the increase in solar activity. It is not a mere coincidence that the last decades have been the most solar active of the last 10,000 years.

The climate models used by the IPCC are not able to reproduce these millennial cycles because they assign only a very small climate impact to the sun. Also the recently introduced new climate model from the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg suffers from the same deficiency, and thus the results of that model are essentially unrealistic.”

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