Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Supreme Court is an ObamaCare Death Panel

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has become a death panel. However, Sarah Palin would not have foreseen the scope of this death panel. The Supreme Court must choose between two deadly options with global significance.

The first choice is to kill ObamaCare, the nationalization of health care under the Orwellian Affordable Care Act. This decision will destroy the dreams of control and power held so deeply by the elitist regulators and ruling establishment class. The elites are likely to lie and pervert such a decision into fuel for class warfare, racial hatred and sexist "women's rights" demagoguery. This decision will further inflame the left into violence. It would not be surprising to hear of a bounty placed on conservative justices as a bounty now sits atop George Zimmerman.

Maybe that is the ultimate point to the timing of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin issue: punishment of enemies by the left. Trayvon died more than a month ago, yet the issue arises at the same time as this Supreme Court decision.

The alternative is to uphold the unlimited power of government granted in ObamaCare. This decision will kill the Constitution that millions of Americans have fought and died for. The Constitutional enumerated powers restraining the federal government would no longer hold as the foundation for individual freedom. The American foundation of freedom grants every individual in the world the hope for a better life. If a better life is not available where you live, you can dream of escaping to the land of the free to be protected by the brave. This hope would be erased for all humanity. The legal restraints would be released from the tyrannical beast of state.

Either ObamaCare dies or Freedom Dies.

Let's hope the Justices of the Supreme Court are brave and patriotic. Let's hope they are rational and reasoned. Let's hope they adhere to the Constitution that underlies freedom. Let's hope they are prepared to sacrifice all in the defense of liberty. Let's hope for all humanity.

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