Thursday, March 22, 2012

theSLOBs Mobile App Update: Multiple Articles fixed

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We have been tirelessly working on android mobile app.  All the updates caused some users an issue where each article is being downloaded multiple times. This has been resolved in the latest release.

If you have the multiple download issue: uninstall the app and then reinstall the app. This is accomplished by following this link to the Google Play (Previously known as Android Market) web page (CLICK HERE) or by clicking the PLAY STORE icon on your phones home screen.

If you use the PLAY STORE button on your home screen take the following steps:
  1. Click Play Store Icon
  2. Click your phone's Menu Button
  3. Select My Apps
  4. Scroll down and select San Diego Local Order of Bloggers App.
Whether you CLICKED HERE or followed the PLAY STORE directions you will now see the option to UNINSTALL. Go ahead and uninstall the app. When complete hit the blue INSTALL button. ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD the install and you will no longer receive multiple copies of each article.

There is still an issue where some articles do not download properly. A button on the app fixes this issue per article. The button highlighted in yellow toggles between the "mobilized" version of the article and the "rss" version.
Mobilized ArticleRSS Article
switch between mobilized and rss
by clicking highlighted button
Thank you for following the San Diego Local Order of Bloggers and staying informed during this perilous time in American history.

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