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Twitter Calls for Violence Against George W. Zimmerman

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TOP TWEET: @BlackStewie:George W. Zimmerman 159 Edgewater Circle. Sanford, Florida. 32773, y'all know what to do.. Retweet this. He gone learn today. 
(3/27/2012 10:11 AM) Barack Obama, Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and many others have blown the story of Trayvon Martin into a race war for personal gain. This evil act has now led to calls for violence against George Zimmerman before the facts of the case are clear.

First President Obama ignorantly proclaimed "The police were acting stupidly" and now "If I had a son, he would look like (Trayvon Martin)."  Well, from Trayvon's friends on facebook, what does he look like?

These pictures are not the cute 12 year old portrayed in many media outlets. He was 17 years old over 6 foot tall and not an angel. Here are some of his facebook comments. Here are his twitter messages.

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The most damning evidence is the fact that George W. Zimmerman is latino and a Democrat. He is not white nor a Republican. His latina mother is from Peru. Barack Obama has an Arab-African, Muslim name from his father. George W. Zimmerman has a white name from his father. None of that truth matters because progressives want to excite the black vote by appealing to violence and hate.

Using racism and hate as motivation shows the low regard that elitist progressives have for their followers.

The calls for violence on twitter are simply unacceptable. Creating a race war between blacks, latinos and whites is deplorable. Many of us exposed Barack Obama as a radical counter-revolutionary in 2008 and you now understand why.

If you are a Trayvon Martin "justice" supporter, consider the lawlessness that is being targeted at George Zimmerman. That lawlessness could easily be directed at you. In other words, "love thy enemy" because "there but for the grace of God go I." We ask that you reconsider and support Rule of Law over Rule of Man.

Update 3/28/2012

Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address. In case you are wondering why we posted this information, it had become apparent that it was wrong. The vile sentiment is the news. As Beers with Demo follows up:
The Trayvon Martin shooting down in Florida continues to descend into a sad spectacle of unhinged leftist hatred.

Perhaps, fortunately, for George Zimmerman, this lynch justice mob couldn't organize a rock fight..
Another important aspect of the case is when the death occurred.  Information is still being uncovered that reveals what happened. It is understandable when partial information leads to the wrong conclusion. However, Trayvon Martin was killed more than a month ago on February 26, 2012.

This entire affair is starting to smell like a cynical ploy by the White House to sell hoodies. President Obama's team might see this an opportunity to:
  • Energize the black vote
  • Build sympathy for the plight of minorities 
  • Translate the "he would look like me" association into votes from sympathetic groups
  • Contend that we still need a black president due to systematic racism

Update 3/29/2012

Trayvon Martin Knew George W. Zimmerman and intended to target him on January 6.
Trayvon Slimm Martin:
Nah n*gga Found this fat f*ck at my dads house Gonna f*ck with him Names Zittertit or sumding
Michael Suave French:
Ah yeh, n*gga hells yea U onna rob him Just beat his ass?
Trayvon Slim Martin:
Imma sh*t in his mailbox Thats how a true n*gga rolls  Whoo Whoo
Zimmerman's mailbox may be a literal reference pointing out that Trayvon had taken notice of where George Zimmerman lives.

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