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Fact Checkers at Snopes Cover-Up Scytl Scandal

For years it has been clear that,, and are sources of misinformation, partisanship, and bias. Snopes is the worst. Wikipedia is about as biased, is a joke, and has a personal agenda. These sites do not scrub the internet of good information but they do confuse and bury the truth. It is now so difficult to research online that many people have given up, including professional journalists.

FACT CHECKING THE FACT CHECKERS is run by Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Director, Brooks Jackson is widely touted as fair and unbiased. In reality, the site is run with a personal agenda. One of the worst examples surrounds Brooks Jackson's treatment of the Obama Birth Certificate. He repeatedly misrepresented the badly forged Certification of Live Birth as a Birth Certificate (more information). Additionally, The National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action says:
FactCheck cherry-picks “facts” to suit its anti-NRA, anti-gun, anti-self-defense agenda—an agenda that the American people do not share. changed how it financed its operations in 2010. Their About Us page now includes some revealing information about staff and finances. Donations from the left-leaning Pew Charitable Trusts, Carnegie Corporation of New York and Obama donors from the Flora Family Foundation. Regardless, is superior to Snopes, Politifact or Wikipedia. is so biased that it has spawned Facebook pagesblogs, twitter accounts and even a Worse Politifact Lie of the Year Award to track all of the misinformation. Even brother-in-left-wing-bias-arms takes note of the bias. is edited by an army of paid left-wing operatives and ignorant kids who reference bad sources. It is useful for very basic information and links to vocabulary definitions. It is also useful to see the progressive revision of historical events. Lets move on... is the big daddy of politically biased propaganda and misinformation.  David and Barbara Mikkelson are the owners of Snopes and do much of their own research from their home in the San Fernando Valley. Researching into Snopes bias has revealed problems with how they handled many issues. However, financial contributions to Barack Obama were not uncovered nor was private financing from George Soros. It may be that the Mikkelson family has an natural left-wing bias and do not require or report compensation.

One reason that you should not trust is that the site disables users ability to cut and paste text from the webpage. Users cannot take text and check it against other sources via a search engine like Maybe the Mikkelsons were worried about intellectual property rights as they generate their own research content. However, they gather most of their information from available online resources.


Another reason not to trust is the clear left-wing bias. Consider the story of Scytl (pdf), the Spanish (Michelle Obama vacationed in Spain privately and away from Barack on his birthday in 2010.) company which purchased SOE and now will process U.S. election results overseas. SOE touts:
Over 900 jurisdictions in 26 states across the United States, including 14 state-wide customers, currently use SOE Software solutions in their electoral processes
These numbers include 2008 competitive states Indiana, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina. Scytl's News and Events page lists multiple online ballot contracts with states including Mississippi and Virginia. Scytl's Customers page does not seem to be updated.  SOE's customer list of states and counties is also of note. Additionally, a BusinessWire press release details:
The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act of 2009 mandates that U.S. jurisdictions allow its uniformed and overseas citizens to receive and track their ballots electronically. As a result, many jurisdictions now allow their uniformed and overseas citizens to mark their ballots using online platforms. 
Digging deeper into the 2012 vote count controversy by  adds:
Critics say that the machines and software the company provides are too vulnerable to hackers and to those intent on perpetrating voter fraud. In 2010, Washington, D.C.'s new electronic voting system installed by SCYTL was hacked. And during the South Carolina Republican Primary this year there were numerous reports of irregularities associated with the company's electronic system.
The problems associated with electronic voting led to a major complaint being filed with the Election Assistance Commission by Voter Action. 
Prior to 2012 much of the software being used for voting system upgrades came from a company called SOE. However, SCYTL acquired SOE in a purchase agreement in late 2011 and early 2012. The platform that SCYTL currently uses actually originated with SOE before the acquisition.
But herein lies yet another problem inherent with the software, according to critics. Elections and vote fraud expert Bev Harris of Black Box Voting says that the uniform system SCYTL now uses makes it nearly impossible to check for accuracy, given that it does not mandate a paper trail of votes. There is no proof, no written record, no documentation.
If the company utilized two separate counting systems, the two could be compared and contrasted to test for accuracy. But such a system of checks and balances is not being implemented by the company, and some states no longer require a paper record of votes.
Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of systems like that of SCYTL, however, is the fact that it is possible for elections officials in government, and the computer programmers who work with the machines and software, to see how each individual citizen votes. According to Harris, such a system is a direct threat to voter privacy.
We add to the article with the information that SOE software developer David Condon was a Obama donor in 2008.

Obama, BarackCONDON, DAVID
SOE SOFTWARE CORPORATION/SOFTWARE D2/21/08$250 (Fundrace shows $266)

More information can be found at
Harris’ online vote watch venture, BlackBoxVoting, contains a disturbingly lengthy list of an assortment of problems associated with elections and voter fraud in the U.S., including widespread evidence that government officials can now see exactly how an individual citizen voted. The site also delineates how state and local elections officials in certain states routinely mislead the public and outright violate the law.
The concerns do not stop at the technical level. Scytl CEO Pere Valles is reported to be a socialist and a major Obama donor. Valles may be one of 5340 deleted donors from the Federal Election Commission's April 22 database update which is the basis of Center for Responsive Politics' donor list. Donor deletions exploded off the FEC donor list under the Obama administration:

Election Year Donor Deletions Donor Changes Donor Additions

This is not adequate information and additional investigation was required.

From the Scytl About page and confirmed here:
Prior to joining Scytl, Mr. Valles was Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of GlobalNet, a NASDAQ publicly-traded telecommunications company headquartered in Chicago.
Mr. Valles had worked as Senior Manager for KPMG's Mergers & Acquisitions group in Los Angeles and Miami providing financial and strategic consulting services to private equity groups and corporations involved in acquisitions in the United States, Latin America and Europe. 
Mr. Valles has a bachelor degree in Economics and a bachelor degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and a MBA (summa cum laude) from Indiana University.
A quick look at Obama donors from KPMG hits the jackpot. Four pages of Obama donors is definitive of Senior Manager Pere Valles' team. Anyone who has worked in a consulting company can attest to the "birds of a feather" associations. While not a direct connection to Barack Obama, this is circumstantial evidence.

Indiana University, of which I have a B.S. in Business Finance, is one of the most liberal institutions in America. Mr. Valles was unlikely to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Indiana University's heavily progressive MBA program without buying into the ideology.

From personal experience in the mid-nineties, Kelley School of Management "Business Ethics" classes pushed an anti-traditional values agenda with intolerance of dissent.  Questioning the agenda during class discussions led to derision and affected how essay questions were graded. The professor's humiliation tactics affected other students' perceptions when they evaluated members of group projects. Disagreeing with socialist professors affects GPA.

The Scytl's Investors page lists three companies: Nauta CapitalBalderton Capital, and Spinnaker SCR. Closer inspection reveals that Balderton Capital is linked to an Obama donation source, Benchmark Capital:
Balderton was founded in 2000 by Benchmark Capital, the leading US venture firm. In 2007 Balderton formally became independent, although Balderton maintain close ties with their Silicon Valley sibling.

Candidate Contributor Employer Date Amount
Obama, Barack Cohler, Matt
Portola Valley,CA 94028
Benchmark Capital 10/24/08 $2,300
Romney, Mitt KAGLE, ROBERT C
Obama, Barack TAYLOR, BRET


Snopes attempts to cover-up for Scytl with misinformation and misdirection. They first focus on the wrong question:
Claim:   President Obama has sold the tabulating of votes in U.S. national elections to Scytl, a Spanish company run by a donor to his campaign.
The answers to this straw-man question are superficial at best. Let's review their three talking points:
  1. The Obama administration could not possibly have "sold the processing rights of our votes in the general election" to Scytl, as the federal government does not run elections: individual states do. It's up to each state to determine on its own how to conduct its elections and what voting systems to use.
    Moreover, it's highly unlikely any states will be choosing to use systems like Scytl's to implement online voting on anything more than a very limited basis in the 2012 general election. Scytl's current list of customers includes only four U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, all of whom have so far limited their use of Scytl systems to providing a means for overseas (i.e., military and absentee) voters to cast their ballots remotely. According to Discovery News, even those scant initial uses of online voting failed to pan out in some cases, and those systems will not be re-used in 2012:

    The Truth

    This is misleading because Scytl purchased all SOE contracts with states and counties. Judging by Sctyl's recent press releases, many states are choosing these systems. Military and overseas voters are another focus:
    full ballot access for U.S. military & overseas voters and blank ballot delivery & marking via iPad, tablet or computer.
    Snopes' contention that the Obama administration did not grant the contracts at the federal level is misdirection. It has not been stated that Barack Obama used some official channel to grant the contracts. The Obama administration failed to live up to its' oath of defending the U.S. Constitution by allowing the troubling purchase.


  2. The security and auditability of online voting systems remains a subject of debate, which, as noted above, makes it quite improbable there will be any statewide (much less nationwide) use of systems like Scytl's in tabulating votes for the 2012 presidential election. Steve Wildstrom, writing in Tech.pinions, outlined the difficulties of implementing such systems securely: [see remainder at]

    The Truth

    Again, Sctyl's recent press releases show that the "improbability" opinion is wrong.

  3. The current CEO of Scytl is Pere Vallés, whose résumé states: [see above]

    Despite claims that Pere Vallés "donated heavily to the 2008 Obama campaign," a search of all donors to the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama does not turn up a contribution (of any size) from anyone with that name. (Likewise, we found no evidence supporting the common rumor that financier George Soros holds an ownership stake in Scytl.)

    The Truth

    Pere Valles is not shown on the donor list, but his history clearly points to the conclusion that he is an Obama supporter. It is odd that so many of his underlings would contribute to the Obama campaign without his buy in. It is possible that Valles name was removed from the donor list as one of 5340 deleted records but everyone's contributions could not be deleted. Further, we have uncovered significant financial ties between Scytl investors and the Obama administration.

    Scytl is a private foreign company and involvement by George Soros would be difficult to prove. Saying that this is false is misleading, it is simply unproven. It will take time to come to a conclusion whether Soros, The Muslim Brotherhood, China, North Korea, Venezuala or Iran have ownership or infiltration at Scytl. Implying these connections to be false dissuades the public from uncovering the truth.



Voting is key in our system. Everyone should contribute to the effort for fair and secure elections. This includes fact checkers being intellectually curious enough to do the difficult research required to answer important questions. Snopes has failed in the instance of Scytl due to a bias in favor of Barack Obama.

Instances such as this are a danger to our country. The public has a deluge of information sources but searches of fact checking organizations that lead to misinformation are particularly harmful. When the misinformation undermines our entire process of election by delaying the resolution of problems and public debate of the facts, it goes beyond partisanship or bias.

Scytl processing votes in Spain is unacceptable. The transparent tabulation of votes is critical to free elections. In the SOE/Scytl system, local precincts will no longer count the votes. The task will be completed by a foreign company which we do not control. Once the votes are merged, local officials will be unable to check or recheck their integrity.
Its not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes!

Other resources:
#Scytl on Twitter
FOLLOW UP ARTICLE:Scytl Voting via Mobile Phones: iFraud

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GBTV Rumor of War Reveals Terrorist Threat in America

Tonight on, Glenn Beck's team compiled a documentary on a growing terrorist threat in America. The documentary outlines connections and infiltrations by the Muslim Brotherhood within the United States government. An advertisement on announces:

The U.S. is under attack. The enemy moves freely amongst us and even advises the very government bodies established to protect us from just such a threat. They've already smuggled in at least one weapon of mass effect and are working to set up missle bases within striking distance of the homeland.

They are here, now, and their goal is singular and quite specific: The downfall of the United States of America.
WHEN: Premiere on Wednesday, April 25th beginning at 7:00pm ET and followed by a post show hosted by Glenn Beck.

HOW TO WATCH: If you do not have a subscription, start a 14 day FREE trial of GBTV Plus. You can cancel any time before the end of your free trial and you will not be charged. The documentary will be available on demand for subscribers.

The 14 day Free trial gives complete access to all GBTV Plus content:

Watch on Multiple Devices
GBTV is available on your computer, TV (via Roku or Boxee), plus total access on your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch through the GBTV app.
Below is a promotional clip about the documentary:

This blog is not associated with or We have no financial interest in either entity, but we do have an interest in our country.  We welcome comments about the program regardless of point of view and we are very interested in how different points of view see this documentary.

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Free Speech A Felony with HR 347: All Americans Appalled

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President Obama has just signed HR 347, Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, which makes Free Speech in the form of protesting near the Secret Service officially a felony. One year in jail should dissuade anyone from challenging the Secret Service's new power to decide when First Amendment protections apply.

Also of note the length of debate as reported by The Library of Congress:
2/28/2011 2:37pm:

DEBATE - The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate
2/27/2012 4:06pm:

The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on the motion to agree in the Senate amendment

This bill is alarming across the American political spectrum. The ACLU agrees that this is an appalling bill:

These restricted areas include locations where individuals under Secret Service protection are temporarily located, and certain large special events like a presidential inauguration. They can also include large public events like the Super Bowl and the presidential nominating conventions (troublingly, the Department of Homeland Security has significant discretion in designating what qualifies as one of these special events).

The original statute, unchanged by H.R. 347,made certain conduct with respect to these restricted areas a crime, including simple trespass, actions in or near the restricted area that would "disrupt the orderly conduct of Government," and blocking the entrance or exit to the restricted area.

H.R. 347 did make one noteworthy change, which may make it easier for the Secret Service to overuse or misuse the statute to arrest lawful protesters.
Fox News comments on the situation:

A San Diego political activist added:
Only 3 Republicans opposed this bill; Justin Amash of Michigan, Paul Broun of Georgia and Ron Paul of Texas.   I contacted my present and former Congressmen (Issa and Bilbray) tonight and gave them an earful.
Maybe the Secret Servicers should be brought up from Columbia to keep the tyrants happy.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oggi's Pizza Dinner in Santee for American Cancer Society

Santee Firefighters IAFF Local 4373 is hosting a fundraising event in Santee, CA at Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Co. tonight from 4 PM to 10:30 PM.

All you have to do is show up with this flyer:

Each flyer presented will earn 15% of total sales toward the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life program.

The event location is:
9828 Mission Gorge Rd. STE. A
Santee, CA 92071
(click here for google map|)

View Larger Map

How to set Blogger/BlogSpot to Old Interface

Many of my fellow bloggers have expressed concern about the new blogger interface. Google is not very well known for listening to the community when changing their sites and services. For instance the Android Market suddenly became PLAY.

Setting Blogger to the old interface is simple. Click the settings "wheel" on the far right of the web page and select Old Blogger Interface as shown here:
Walla, you are back to your comfortable blogging environment!

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Turdogen and Other #ObamaDogRecipes

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Some of my favorites tweets under #ObamaDogRecipes:

Other articles on the twitter fun with Obama Dog Recipes:
Left Coast Rebel
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Way to Fix America: Written 3000 Years Ago

If you want to be a great leader,
you must learn to follow human nature.
Stop trying to control.
Let go of fixed plans and concepts,
and the world will govern itself.

The more prohibitions governments have,
the less virtuous people will be.
The more weapons  governments  have,
the less secure people will be.
The more subsidies governments have,
the less self-reliant people will be.

Therefore the wise governor says:
I let go of the law,
and people become honest.
I let go of economics,
and people become prosperous.
I let go of religion,
and people become serene.
I let go of all desire for the common good,
and the good becomes common as grass.

The Tao Te Ching, The Book of the Way and How It Manifests Itself in the World Page 57.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

AP Omits Truth About George Zimmerman

Zimmerman Injuries

The Associated Press has been under fire after Dean Singleton, chairman of the Associated Press board, gave a glowing introduction for Barack Obama at an economics speech. AP has now stepped up to promote the "If I had a son, he would look like (Trayvon)" narrative against George Zimmerman. It could have been a simple oversight, but if so the timing could not have been worse.

In the article Zimmerman's lawyers withdraw from shooting case, a title that could lead people to follow the racist narrative against Zimmerman, there was a shocking omission.  Bob Owens reports the story:
See if you can spot what’s missing.
Eddie Jones, a 58-year-old black man and lifelong resident of Sanford, said Zimmerman’s arrest is paramount to keeping the protests peaceful.

“They need to go ahead and arrest this guy before something happens,” he said. “Sanford is screwed up. This place just didn’t get corrupt.”

While tensions are high, some think this city of about 53,000 — around 57 percent white and 30 percent black — will come through the crisis without violence, as it did during similar uproars.

Two years ago, after a black homeless man was beaten by the son of a Sanford policeman, passions soon cooled. The assailant, Justin Collison, initially wasn’t charged but eventually was arrested after footage of the episode went viral on YouTube. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and received probation. 
Do you give up? 

The “black homeless man” in the previous scandal was Sherman Ware. do you want to take a wild guess who led the charge to bring the policeman’s son to justice? 

Was it Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, or Barack Obama claiming that “if he had a son”  he’s look like Ware? Absolutely not. The effort to bring Justin Collison to justice was spearheaded by none other than George Zimmerman.
That's right. George Zimmerman led the charge for justice for Sherman Ware, the "black homeless man" Kyle Hightower of AP just wrote about.

A letter from one of Zimmerman's family members to Seminole County NAACP president Turner Clayton stated:
“Do you know who spent tireless hours putting fliers on the cars of persons parked in the churches of the black community? Do you know who waited for the church‐goers to get out of church so that he could hand them fliers in an attempt to organize the black community against this horrible miscarriage of justice? Do you know who helped organize the City Hall meeting on January 8th, 2011 at Sanford City Hall??”

“That person was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.”
Never let it be said that the mainstream media allows facts or reason to stand in the way of a story that benefits Barack Obama. Associated Pravda.

Update: The Washington Times is reporting that Barack Obama is still unsatisfied with his media lap dogs.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obey Obama: Passports Suspended in Senate Bill 1813

CBS is reporting that Senate Bill 1813 would "suspend passport rights for delinquent taxpayers" passed the Senate 74-22 on March 14th.
A bill authored by a Southland lawmaker that could potentially allow the federal government to prevent any Americans who owe back taxes from traveling outside the U.S. is one step closer to becoming law.
...The 'Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act' or 'MAP-21' includes a provision that would allow for the 'revocation or denial' of a passport for anyone with 'certain unpaid taxes' or 'tax delinquencies'.
Fellow SLOB blog Left Coast Rebel reported on April 6th in a post entitled SB1813: More Totalitarian Nonsense from Congress with links to more articles. LCR Reports:
Once we give the feds power to revoke a passport because of "unpaid taxes" the floodgate is open to additional infringements (i.e. making sure that you never leave this country).

It's just another step on the slippery slope to a dark, dark place in this country. If only they were this serious about protecting our own borders and stopping the flow of criminals, drugs and illegal aliens into this country.


(Full Text)

Support The Supreme Court

With the Obama Administration's totalitarian leanings with regard to the Department of Justice, subverting Congress and now the Supreme Court it will fall upon citizens to support the constitution and the non-executive branches of government.

This graphic has been created to support the Supreme Court of the United States and the U.S. Constitution. The use of this graphic in support of these ends is granted my express permission and blessings. The use of this graphic for tshirts, bumper stickers or other commercial ends is also granted to the extent that it supports the constitutional duties of the Supreme Court of the United States per the original intent of the U.S. Constitution and the precedent of Marbury v. Madison.

Higher Resolution Versions:
Vector Based EPS (CS3)
PNG 1250x1250 96DPI

Where appropriate, credit is appreciated.

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Drones Over America: The Ends Justify The Means

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Paul Rosenzweig, a former Bush Administration official for Homeland Security policy, goes way off the rails and answers that drones should be used over America depending upon the "ends." The Ends justify the means, rinse, repeat and repeat. This is a truly disturbing answer that rates next to fingernails on chalkboards.

Being a conservative comes with a few ideological drawbacks. One of my personal drawbacks is the inability to excuse the totalitarian leanings of governmental elites. Certain people should never gain power and I would prefer to see them thrown into a small concrete cell than have control over myself, my family members or my countrymen.

Paul Rosenzweig rounds out his presentation with a joke. "If you fly a drone over my house, I am shooting it down." So, police drones being used for "legitimate ends" are fine until they violate his individual rights to privacy, property or fourth amendment protections.

Imagine the current administration's discussions behind closed doors. The current administration pushes the Bush administration's policies to the extremes. Obama's Homeland Security must be meandering overhead waiting to microwave conservative bloggers who wander free of witnesses.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

#ILikeObamaCare Epoch Fail

The Obama administration met with frustration on twitter today. After launching the #ILikeObamaCare twitter propaganda campaign, a huge thumping sounds was heard. Twitter members including members of The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers mocked the vastly unpopular Affordable Care Act otherwise known as ObamaCare.

The #ILikeObamaCare campaign did not break into the top trending twitter topics. At the campaign's peak it was relentlessly mocked by opponents representing the 65% of Americans opposed to the law.

Here is a quick sample of the tweets associated with the campaign.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Marco Rubio Not Natural Born Citizen

As much as we tea partiers like Marco Rubio, he is not eligible to be president due to the constitutional requirement of Natural Born Citizenship. Senator Rubio's parents naturalized in 1975, but he was born in 1971. Unless a time machine can take his parents back to 1971, it would be a mistake to put the Senator on the Republican presidential ticket. It would be an insult by the establishment toward millions of Americans who have already been demonized as "birthers" for challenging Barack Obama's eligibility.

Let's look at the history and reasoning behind the requirement of Natural Born Citizenship.

Chester A. Arthur's father was born in Ireland and he later become 21st President of the U.S. This represented the first time that an ineligible person tricked the American people into being elected President. Thomas Jefferson‘s mother was born in England, Andrew Jackson‘s parents were both born in Ireland, James Buchanan had an Irish father, Woodrow Wilson‘s mother was English, and Herbert Hoover had a Canadian-born mother. However, all of the Presidents, save Arthur, were natural born because their parents were U.S. citizens at the time of their birth or they were granted the status at the founding of our country.

The reason that Natural Born Citizenship is crucial to the viability of a nation comes down to culture. Barack Obama was taught as a young boy in Indonesia. He never became part of the American culture during his formative years. He was never culturally assimilated and that is why he is such a horrible president. The lack of   assimilation into American culture makes him incapable of representing the values of American citizens. He simply does not understand what it means to be American. He was never immersed in the culture.

Marco Rubio does not suffer this problem. He is obviously a traditional American by ideology and culture. However, conservatives believe in Rule of Law.

Beyond culture, there is also the question of loyalty. A Natural Born Citizen is unlikely to be loyal to another country, culture, or ideology. Those who currently demonize the "birthers" fail to realize that our Republic has a possibly fatal flaw. As any open or democratic system of government, it can be influenced by outside powers.

By removing the requirement of Natural Born Citizenship, Vladimir Putin could naturalize and run for president in America. Vladimir Putin could have a child born on American soil, raise him or her in Russia and then one day pump billions of dollars into making him or her the American President. The same could have been argued of Britain prior to World War I, when they were America's foremost adversary. This is the central argument that made Natural Born Citizenship a constitutional requirement. It is the only way to guard against becoming a puppet government while remaining a free society.

Again, there is no questioning Marco Rubio's loyalty. However, it would be hypocritical and contrary to the Rule of Law to put him on the presidential ticket.

Senator Rubio has, on several occasions, declined consideration as a Vice Presidential pick. Proof that he has more class and respect for America than our current President. He is a class act for sticking to principle when tempted with power.




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