Sunday, April 8, 2012

Drones Over America: The Ends Justify The Means

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Paul Rosenzweig, a former Bush Administration official for Homeland Security policy, goes way off the rails and answers that drones should be used over America depending upon the "ends." The Ends justify the means, rinse, repeat and repeat. This is a truly disturbing answer that rates next to fingernails on chalkboards.

Being a conservative comes with a few ideological drawbacks. One of my personal drawbacks is the inability to excuse the totalitarian leanings of governmental elites. Certain people should never gain power and I would prefer to see them thrown into a small concrete cell than have control over myself, my family members or my countrymen.

Paul Rosenzweig rounds out his presentation with a joke. "If you fly a drone over my house, I am shooting it down." So, police drones being used for "legitimate ends" are fine until they violate his individual rights to privacy, property or fourth amendment protections.

Imagine the current administration's discussions behind closed doors. The current administration pushes the Bush administration's policies to the extremes. Obama's Homeland Security must be meandering overhead waiting to microwave conservative bloggers who wander free of witnesses.


Dean said...

I'll take a little "inefficiency" in my law enforcement in return for greater privacy.

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