Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GBTV Rumor of War Reveals Terrorist Threat in America

Tonight on, Glenn Beck's team compiled a documentary on a growing terrorist threat in America. The documentary outlines connections and infiltrations by the Muslim Brotherhood within the United States government. An advertisement on announces:

The U.S. is under attack. The enemy moves freely amongst us and even advises the very government bodies established to protect us from just such a threat. They've already smuggled in at least one weapon of mass effect and are working to set up missle bases within striking distance of the homeland.

They are here, now, and their goal is singular and quite specific: The downfall of the United States of America.
WHEN: Premiere on Wednesday, April 25th beginning at 7:00pm ET and followed by a post show hosted by Glenn Beck.

HOW TO WATCH: If you do not have a subscription, start a 14 day FREE trial of GBTV Plus. You can cancel any time before the end of your free trial and you will not be charged. The documentary will be available on demand for subscribers.

The 14 day Free trial gives complete access to all GBTV Plus content:

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Below is a promotional clip about the documentary:

This blog is not associated with or We have no financial interest in either entity, but we do have an interest in our country.  We welcome comments about the program regardless of point of view and we are very interested in how different points of view see this documentary.

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