Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Democrats' Post-ObamaCare Spin: Americans are Stupid

Tomorrow we find out if the Supreme Court begins the dismantling of ObamaCare. Regardless of the SCOTUS ruling, between 49.7% and 54% of Americans oppose the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The act has lost in the court of public opinion and it will be dismantled further in November.

"Progressive*" Democrats have tipped their hand in regard to spinning the defeat. They are concentrating on re-educating the public about the "good" parts of the law. The goal is to minimize the damage to President Obama's legacy.

Seriously, do Americans need re-education on ObamaCare? The law has been endlessly debated and discussed. We see how it is affecting the cost of health insurance. On all counts, the ACA is hurting more Americans than it is helping.

Here are a few obvious examples that cannot be re-educated away:

To be frank, the "progressives" think Americans are stupid. Everyday they patronize us. This is another example of how they push the narrative that "subjects just don't understand."

* It is obvious that "progressive" actually means "regressive" as the goal is to regress back to centralized control and away from individual rights, freedom and responsibility.

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